Why People and Quality Results Matter in Law Firm Site Management

A lot of companies say their most important asset is people. At Epiq, we mean it: People are the lifeblood of Epiq.

Business Process Solutions: Quality People

We take the time and attention to hire ambitious, talented people and train them through our innovative onboarding process. For the business process solutions team, we teach all new hires the processes and techniques that are uniform across the company. We also teach other skills that are unique to business process solutions, and to each client site. 

People make the difference in legal services.

However, hiring and developing ambitious people is a double-edged sword. While it lets us provide top notch service to our clients, it also means that highly qualified employees get promoted.

Developing Talent into a Repeatable Process

We strive to recognize and reward hard work, and we have developed a culture of promoting from within. This leaves many BPS managers with a bittersweet feeling: on one hand you are ecstatic for the person being promoted, on the other you are losing a valuable team member. 

The best way to recover from losing a key employee is for the site manager to identify a skill set that is critical for that site, and use the onboarding process to develop the new employee’s other skill sets. The specifics of the process change according to client needs and team sizes, but they all ultimately depend on identifying critical skills. 

  • Smaller sites. Many smaller client sites develop close-knit relationships between the client and Epiq teams. To preserve this existing relationship, new Epiq team members must hit the ground running with excellent customer skills. Job skills are important of course, but Epiq will train specific skills during the onboarding process. The critical factor in the hiring process is a background in successful customer service. 
  • Larger sites. Larger sites usually need specialized roles like production, hospitality, mail, legal assistants, and more. We still look for people with the Epiq qualities of talent and customer service skills, but they also need to come onboard with specific skill sets. That requires manager to identify a unique skill set for each position. 

Managers aren’t alone in this process. Epiq has a large support base for identifying and developing employees. Each region has an operations manager that is extensively trained in identifying candidates and assisting site managers with the hiring process, particularly new site managers. These experienced operations managers help with new managers with everything from what to ask in job interviews all the way through what to say when making the call to offer the position. Epiq’s supportive and collaborative culture is what helps us to continue to identify and train exceptional people.

Business Process Solutions: Impeccable Quality

The second pillar of Epiq business process solutions service delivery is impeccable quality. Epiq goes to great lengths to ensure that every job we receive is done exactly how the requestor wants it. 

Our business process solutions teams understand how vitally important each and every job is to the person requesting it. One missed page in a copy or scan job could cause the court to reject a filing, causing our client to miss an important deadline. Ultimately, quality control can make the difference between winning or losing a case. We understand how critical exceptional quality control is for our clients, and we take it very seriously.

The process starts with our job request forms. They are extremely detailed to make sure everything is covered. If the requestor left any part of the form blank, then we follow up with them rather than guess what they want. 
Once the job is done, then we quality check it to ensure everything was done properly. This process is not optional, no matter how long the employee has been with Epiq or how large the job is. If we have to quality check a 1,000+ page scan job page by page, then that is what we will do.

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