Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Cloud technology is not a new to the legal industry. Moving a company’s data to the cloud has become increasingly appealing over recent years because it allows organizations to reduce retention of hard copies of documents, which frees up office space and reduces document storage costs. Keeping data in the cloud also reduces duplicate information and provides employees with 24/7 remote access.

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COVID-19: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Globally, COVID-19 has disrupted standard operating procedures for many organizations. In order to create business continuity, businesses have adopted new remote and distributed workforces.

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Digital Mailroom: A Vital Component of your Information Governance Strategy

It can be difficult to bridge the gap between digital and physical data in an Information Governance program. With multiple types of data entering an organization that require proper storage, managing the various items can become an information labyrinth. However, there is an option to streamline this process which is becoming a popular option with business.

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Five Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with Cross-Border Data Protection Laws

As data continues to span across the four corners of the globe, lawmakers worldwide strive to keep up the pace with regulations. The European Union has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides comprehensive protections over private consumer data.

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