When Mass Tort Meets Bankruptcy

Mass tort actions are large and complicated matters generally involving a wide cross section of plaintiffs with varying degrees of harm caused by a product or substance. Cases involving serious product failures like vehicle airbags or exposure to harmful substances like asbestos are good examples of these types of complicated matters.

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Got a Mass Tort? Tips on Resolving Healthcare Liens

The first two parts of this series on mass tort tips discussed the best practices for intake and how to develop an inventory of mass tort cases. Now that all that hard work has paid off, and it’s time for settlement. In any personal injury settlement, the identification, resolution, and payment of medical liens is imperative.

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Got a Mass Tort? Tips on Building Your Case

Tasks such as completing the plaintiff fact sheets and reviewing medical records can quickly become overwhelming, especially when court deadlines are fast approaching.

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Got a Mass Tort Case? Tips for Getting Started

When accepting a mass tort case, it can be a daunting task to manage a large group of clients. Whether a firm is brand new to mass tort litigation or just looking to brush up on best practices, below are tips to improve the flow of information – both to clients and to the firm.

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