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Data Privacy Management

Reach and maintain data privacy security

Epiq’s data privacy team has expertise with privacy processes and technology for implementing, customizing, building, running, monitoring, and enhancing our clients’ data privacy risk management initiatives.

One of the biggest challenges many organizations face today is carrying out their data privacy initiatives.

Privacy Risk Management

  • Safeguard personal information and manage privacy risks
  • Identify personal information and critical privacy risks
  • Automate risk management and prevent privacy incidents
  • Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions

Privacy Compliance Management

  • Data Discovery and Mapping
  • Data Subject Access Requests
  • PIA and DPIA
  • Privacy Incident Workflow
  • Cookie Consent
Risk Management

Microsoft Priva

Epiq provides Microsoft Priva implementation guidance and ongoing support services to enterprises seeking to empower data owners for determining governance decisions as they relate to data privacy by proactively providing visibility and tools to control privacy risk.

Epiq partners with both Microsoft Priva and OneTrust to:

Identify key documents

Complete obligations for the many privacy-related, global regulations

Provide Crucial Insights

A full-scale privacy process implementation across the entire enterprise

Deliver Facts that Matter

Integrating privacy management tools with applicable data sources

Minimize Volumes

Streamlining process, people, and data management for privacy compliance purposes

Additional services include:


Epiq delivers custom solutions regardless of the company’s size, data environment, or risk profile. From small engagements to ongoing managed services, we help each organization better define, implement, and operationalize data privacy programs.

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