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Ensuring secure, compliant and efficient information governance.

Information is, in many ways, as much a currency of the modern world as capital itself, especially in the legal arena. Law firms and corporate legal departments that work with Epiq know they must always be able to share it at a moment's notice, even when clients are operating on an enterprise scale across multiple regions, nations or even continents. That wealth of information, and its transferability, does come with a price: It must be kept safe at all costs, particularly in light of the growing prevalency of data breaches and cyberattacks. 

There's a tight line here that must be walked: Many records have to be protected not only for the sake of comprehensiveness and posterity but also to meet any relevant compliance requirements. Yet the sheer volume of enterprise-scale data sometimes means deletion is necessary to make room for new data. Epiq boasts 85+ years of combined experience, unparalleled ingenuity and cutting-edge technologies to provide regulatory compliance services that appropriately address the governance, compliance and security challenges faced by today's law firms and corporate legal teams. 

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Information Governance

Compliance must also be kept top of mind by any organization attempting to implement an information governance plan. Unlike data governance, which is generally the sole responsibility of the IT department, information governance must be cross-disciplinary if the organization's data is to be managed in a truly comprehensive and unified fashion. 

Consider this: If a firm's legal and accounting departments use entirely different tools to manage their data and one is using a less up-to-date database than the other, there's a significant chance that records required to meet a given federal regulation could be accidentally lost or destroyed, potentially leading to costly fines or other penalties. By contrast, if Epiq were to assist the firm in administering a robust information governance system and encouraged all units of the business to buy in, everyone would benefit from having more efficiently managed data. 

Our governance experts will help you thread the needle of information governance in a way that simultaneously ensures cost-efficient information management and strict compliance with all pertinent laws and standards. By employing cutting-edge proprietary software solutions including eGovern and eNotify, Epiq's IGPs aid legal firms and other organizations in key aspects of information governance:

  • Content audit and assessment
  • Defensible deletion and disposition
  • Selective data migration
  • Litigation readiness and legal hold
  • Data classification
  • Assessment of Microsoft Teams data
  • eDiscovery for migration to cloud-based Microsoft 365

Data Compliance, Privacy and Security

Compliance, privacy and security have always been important factors to consider when working to ensure effective data management. But in an era during which cybersecurity incidents have become increasingly common and consumers' concern regarding the privacy of their data (or lack thereof) has skyrocketed, those three considerations became absolutely critical — and that trend is unlikely to reverse itself anytime soon, if at all. 

In 2019, private- and public-sector organizations in the U.S. alone experienced more than 1,500 data breaches that led to the exposure of more than 164 million records, much of them containing personally identifiable information. New regulations intended to mitigate the damage done by such breaches through increased protection of personal data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), could well become the norm — but even if they don't, all organizations that handle confidential legal data and don't labor to keep it as secure as possible put their clients at major risk as well as their reputation.

Epiq will work closely alongside your firm to enact a comprehensive data security solution that is in full compliance with the GDPR and any other privacy laws that may apply to your data. Key functions include:

  • Technology assessment of software and hardware to determine the likelihood of compliance within the GDPR regulatory environment
  • Use of eGovern and eNotify to bolster data classification and legal hold operations
  • Compliance-focused deployment of Microsoft 365
  • Distribution and implementation of proprietary and third-party software to improve eDiscovery capabilities (EMC Kazeon, Exterro Fusion, Veritas Clearwell and others)
  • Managed services and support

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