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Developments in cloud-based technology are paving the way for innovation within law.

For more than 30 years, Epiq has worked with global organisations, law firms and G7 government departments. In that time, the standard of technology has rapidly increased in complexity and only continues to evolve as time passes. In response, our team works to continuously assess and evaluate the quality of new software as it is introduced to the industry. When combined with proprietary Epiq technologies, this ensures that our clients can dedicate their personnel and infrastructure to focusing on their daily business operations instead of attempting to make sense of all of the options on the market, while simultaneously enjoying the advantages associated with employing the latest and most powerful legal technology available to organisations.

Legal technology represents a wide array of software with a nearly endless list of capabilities. Some of the benefits of utilising these innovative tools for legal practice include improved resource management, increased organisational data transparency and ease of access, as well as a decrease in human error. All of these improvements amount to faster overall case processing. By finding ways to automate outdated or time-consuming operational activities, law firms and practices can now dedicate their newly freed resources and personnel to more complex procedures.

The digitalisation and storage of case law, statutes and regulations online has created an ever-growing bank of information that can be accessed almost instantaneously. Across the country, individual states have begun to set the stage for the next major wave of changes in data privacy and tech regulations as they relate to the implementation of technology within the legal industry. Conversations surrounding and evaluating outdated rulings that once prohibited innovation and decreased overall consumer access to legal services could pave the way for even more growth within the sector. 

While this technology has created new efficiencies and has made improvements in daily operational activities for firms as well their clients, it also calls into question important discussions surrounding the ethics at the intersection of law and technology, such as who assumes risk and is assigned liability when legal workflows become automated and are even controlled by increasingly powerful artificial intelligence.


Epiq’s Legal Tech Services and Solutions 

By layering our own intellectual property with best-in-breed technology, Epiq empowers our clients to make and implement better business decisions by using data-driven insights. Clients are equipped with powerful knowledge from tools such as dynamic information models built by our own team of data scientists so they are able to produce better business outcomes for their organisation and their own clients.

At Epiq, we employ a technologically agnostic approach, as we are solely focused on the results that we can help clients and their organisations achieve — not the name or brand of the technology that gets us there. Our platforms are not only scalable and user-friendly, but they also will work for your business to ease implementation and maximise overall efficacy. We only partner with the best in the industry to provide clients with our unique and innovative business solutions, which include:

  • Epiq Discovery
  • Epiq Access
  • Epiq Processing
  • EpiqTMX
  • Relativity eDiscovery Platform
  • Epiq Reporting and Analytics

With Epiq Access, our new “all in one” digital client experience, our clients enjoy a single point of entry into eDiscovery technologies, including Epiq tools, projects, teams, work, and results.  This new, highly-secure modern interface is an integrated platform that streamlines work, provides on-demand information, and simplifies communication so Epiq clients can achieve faster results with greater convenience, visibility, and security.

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Read on to learn more about the wide range of legal tech and solutions Epiq offers to drive impactful operational change and business-wide efficiencies for our clients:


The Cloud and Software as a Service

By leveraging the power of the cloud, your organisation’s data can be easily accessed within its own secure and scalable system. Within this database, the utilisation of DevOps will eliminate the potential for information silos by combining both development and operational activities. 

Our best-in-class IT infrastructure houses over 70 petabytes of data across all data centers, and we possess competencies with both the private and public cloud space. Just one example of this transformative technology includes one of Epiq’s most innovative SaaS offerings,  Epiq Discovery. Our cloud-based, end-to-end eDiscovery platform is built with a customisable user interface that maximises our clients’ overall experience and productivity. Using Epiq Discovery, clients can rapidly import a massive volume of data that will be automatically analysed, extracted and indexed for filtering. Additionally, clients will be enabled to remotely collect data from an array of sources and process the new collection instantaneously.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We heavily invest in our business intelligence and analytics to create and leverage the full power of deep insights into law. Petabytes of data can now be centrally managed, indexed and structured to enable powerful analytics and insights. Rather than sorting through dozens or hundreds of physical files within a cabinet, case and client information is instead accessible within a secure case management system that allows for the instant retrieval and analysis of historical entries and documents as needed.  

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As one of the world’s leading providers of legal data management solutions, we leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and innovative machine learning techniques to dramatically improve outcomes. Our processes have been built with the collection, structuring and management of data at their very core, and we constantly work to ensure all platforms entirely comply with data privacy regulations as they continue to develop.

Design Thinking

Our entire technology suite has been built up with design thinking, a user-centered approach to innovation, which allows for dynamic problem-solving and rapid transformation by placing a focus on overall usability. This means we adapt our systems to our users’ insights, infusing client feedback into our processes so that we can continuously improve upon and optimise their daily experience. 

Looking Ahead toward the Future of Law Tech

Across the country, firms' operational strategies are being driven by innovation in the form of digital transformation, with an increasing number of business functions going online, such as a rise in virtual administrative support activities. The direct impact of technology in the form of business intelligence and analytics, as well as artificial intelligence-driven research on the practice of law, is undeniable. However, as organisations grow, so does their need for more complex data storage and management systems.

With capabilities that span across digital design, data and document management, and cloud services and enablement, Epiq empowers its clients to take full advantage of the latest in law tech innovation. We combine the best tools available within the industry with our own expertise in data management and analysis to drive efficiency and produce measurable results. Our years of experience and our utilisation of award-winning, best-in-breed technology will help your firm to make data-driven decisions for improved business outcomes for your organisation and its clients.

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