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Innovative technology is transforming the landscape of business — no matter the industry.

With over 30 years of expertise, Epiq provides best-in-class legal and technology solutions across several industries including financial services, insurance, health care, energy and technology. We combine our team’s experience and knowledge with innovative technology to provide clients with the insights that help them make better business decisions.

Read on to learn about the comprehensive range of services Epiq has provided for global leaders within these industries and how we can help your organisation achieve your business objectives, including faster lead times, more effective resource allocation and improved case management.

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Financial Services

For more than 15 years, Epiq has provided financial services clients with best-in-class Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and eDiscovery services. Our dedicated team can help your organisation achieve total compliance with regulatory requirements and internal processes with our research, risk and compliance services. We also offer a range of eDiscovery solutions such as Technology Assisted Review (TAR), forensic collections and processing and hosting.

As the largest privately held provider of litigation support and eDiscovery solutions, our clients range from investment banking and private equity firms to commercial and retail banks, broker-dealers and lenders and insurers. We have extensive experience working with international corporations, supporting the most complex, global cases that are often composed of tens of terabytes of data. Epiq’s team is prepared to support any financial institution's case with processes built to fit your organisation’s needs, regional location and scale. Our customer profiles include: 

  • 16 of the Top 20 Largest Investment Banks
  • One of the three largest global insurance companies in the world
  • 147 of the  Fortune 1000


With a focus on budget monitoring and the convenience of direct carrier billing, we have supported global and national insurance firms for over 10 years. By offering innovative and cost-effective court reporting and document review solutions, we are able to provide insurance-panel counsel with the tools to quickly resolve high-stakes claim litigation.

Powered by our industry-leading data centers in Atlanta, Portland and Seattle, as well as more than 70 international offices, we offer our insurance clients an extensive suite of solutions that integrate professional services, workflow enhancement and cutting-edge technology to support clients' most complex eDiscovery needs.


For over 15 years, Epiq has supported 25 large pharma and medical device companies. We have worked to develop best-in-class HIPAA compliance training programs for our employees that have been tested by a third-party firm and are now used for company wide education in order to uphold best practices. Our over 600 eDiscovery employees are also well-versed in data related to the health care industry, including assets produced from clinical trials, medical inquiries and FDA filings. 

Our health care consulting team is made up of experts in specialised case management and enterprise database discovery processes specific to pharmaceutical litigation, and can assist clients with even the most intensive cases. 


For over two decades, we have provided clients in the energy industry customised solutions to help them save valuable resources, while also working to identify new ways to streamline daily processes and operations. When faced with challenges from both public and private actors, we've helped these organisations manage various litigation and compliance matters, and also supported clients in overcoming:

  • Contract disputes

  • FCPA investigations

  • Labor and employment issues

Our energy practice group includes a team of solution architects, forensic experts and analytics experts who are all experienced in scoping, working and managing global matters within the energy industry.


Our high-tech and manufacturing practice group has supported organisations within these industries for more than 20 years. We have worked to provide innovative solutions for intellectual property litigation, class action and employment matters. By utilising advanced technologies and alternative free arrangements, we are able to help clients reduce data volumes during collection, processing and review, which allows case teams to efficiently focus on relevant documents.

Epiq leverages industry-leading tools along with our own proprietary software to provide an array of services for our tech clients, including:

  • Data collection 

  • Data housing and processing 

  • Data Security

  • Information governance

  • Managed review

  • Technology-Assisted Review

Epiq Continues to Innovate 

The team at Epiq has supported clients across sectors for over 30 years, and we continue to assess the market to identify new technology to improve upon our suite of business offerings and better serve our clients. No matter your organisation's industry, the legal and technology solutions our teams have developed will help empower your company to make better decisions driven by data-backed insights. 

By utilising the latest and most powerful technology available to organisations today and looking toward the future, Epiq is ready to assist you with even the most complex legal matters.

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