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Document Review Services

Meet litigation and investigation data review needs within budget and on time while protecting sensitive information.

Confidently and securely meet review requirements working with a professionally managed review team. Efficiently interrogate the data set collected for a matter by defensibly applying AI, analytics, and expertise to eliminate irrelevant documents, redact and log protected information, and categorise relevant documents for litigation or investigation.

Work with Epiq Experts to:

Key Features:

  • Meet regulatory, judicial, and agreed to production specifications and requirements.
  • Negotiate ESI and review protocols with opposing parties utilising best practice examples.
  • Protect and log privileged information with a combination of AI, advanced technologies, and experienced reviewers.
  • Ensure accuracy of the production set leveraging systematic and targeted quality control workflows.
  • Lower costs with analytics, and AI-based technologies, paired with experts to maximise their capabilities.
  • Reduce costs by 50% without compromising quality by utilising skilled offshore resources in India, if desired.
  • Staff projects using a dedicated recruiting and review operations team that is focused on the reviewer experience, minimising attrition, and improving reviewer work product.
  • Increase reviewer pace by up to 10% with a continuous improvement programme that monitors each reviewer’s speed, overturn rates, and other metrics within projects and at a portfolio level.
  • Meet specific geographic and language needs working with a global team.

Epiq Managed Review Differentiators:


Improve the quality and pace of review by working with a team that is dedicated to your project from its start to its end with lower than 2% attrition rates.


Scale to thousands of review lawyers to meet matter timeframes by pulling from a database of licensed, specialised, and vetted reviewers.


Make data-driven decisions using real-time discovery projects, review metrics, technology assisted review (TAR) metrics, and spend history dashboards.


Experience quick time to value via a dedicated new client implementation team.


Gain improved coordination across the matter lifecycle via established communications channels.


Enjoy outstanding customer service by working with a partner that prioritises client feedback through a third-party administered CSAT and NPS programme.


Manage industry-based requirements, data types, and fact patterns working with credentialed, specialised practice groups, including:

  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Securities
  • Technology
  • White collar

Maximise AI-enabled technologies working with review managers who are trained and experienced with TAR programmes, including the latest Gen AI enhancements in:

  • Epiq Discovery
  • Everlaw
  • Relativity
  • RelativityOne
  • Reveal

Increase review quality by partnering with engaged teams that benefit from Epiq’s industry-leading reviewer retention programme that includes:

  • Feedback opportunities
  • Training programmes
  • Paths for advancement
1,900 annual review projects
1B+  documents
$500M+ total savings
150+ experts
60 review managers
30K+ review lawyers