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Discovery Health Check

Uncover opportunities to improve discovery efficiency and lower costs.

Obtain an in-depth assessment of your company’s discovery program informed by interviews with key stakeholders and reviews of workflows and documentation.

Consider short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations, based on your existing program, with benefits that include cost savings, better utilisation of internal resources, increased defensibility, and streamlined relationships with external partners.

Work with Epiq experts to:

Understand the state of your discovery program based on a thorough analysis of existing processes.

Optimise existing discovery technology investments through a capabilities assessment.

Align resource allocation based on cost, expertise, and effectiveness.

Key features:


Work from a report that includes resource and workflow improvement opportunities, a SWOT analysis, and identification of potential risks and gaps, and effort level to implement changes.

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Start your assessment with confidence, knowing it is a fixed-fee engagement that lasts four to six weeks and is technology and service provider agnostic.


Achieve a 15 to 30% reduction in overall discovery spend by combining a Discovery Health Check with a Litigation Spend Assessment.

Epiq Discovery Health Check professionals bring knowledge from a range of experiences:


In-house counsel at Fortune 100 companies


Litigation support at Am Law 100 firms


eDiscovery service providers

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