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Court Reporting

Our resources and experience help you streamline court reporting to save time, money, and energy—night and day around the world.

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With unrivalled global presence ensuring seamless service for complex, sensitive matters and local and cross-border disputes, you can rely on Epiq to provide high quality, verbatim real-time reporting services for court hearings, arbitrations and depositions. 

In addition, we offer timely, accurate transcription services for meetings and audio recordings, as well as a full range of complementary hearing room services such as electronic presentation of evidence (EPE) and interpreting.

Exceptional privacy and security

At Epiq, we believe that the way we handle privacy and security is a vital part of our responsibility to our clients, which is essential to our success as a leading professional services organisation. Epiq secures information assets for our clients using an integrated privacy and security strategy that includes:
  • Data protection
  • Network security
  • Compliance
  • Vetted personnel
  • Forensically processed data destruction
  • Secure storage and handling

Integrated court transcription services 

Epiq provides a comprehensive range of services at every phase in the lifecycle of an arbitration, litigation, regulatory investigation, or enquiry, from the provision of real-time court reporting to the electronic presentation of evidence.


Epiq has the largest pool of experienced international court reporters in the world and sets the standard in real-time accuracy and technical proficiency. We have supported depositions around the world for more than two decades, specialising in cross-border litigation matters in the areas of banking and finance, energy, construction, pharmaceutical, anti-trust, intellectual property, and securities.

Court Transcription

Epiq’s audio and video transcription services include web-based technology that allows for the secure transfer of audio and video files, while adhering to chain-of-custody processes throughout the transcription.

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Epiq is the global leader in technology-enabled legal services, corporate restructuring, cyber security and business transformation solutions.

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