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Cloudy Skies? Epiq Unveils Epiq Service Cloud

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The Epiq Service Cloud is a suite of productivity and intelligence tools, services and dashboards that provides a centralized digital experience for Epiq’s proprietary technology and other third-party industry tools. It is designed to assist with the effective and efficient management of legal technologies and legal services. Currently, more than 300 Epiq clients are leveraging the Epiq Service Cloud, with client growth at over 10% per month, reported Complex Discovery.

“Everything we do to service our clients is based on the cohesive service and technical architecture of the Epiq Service Cloud,” Epiq Legal Solutions President and General Manager Roger Pilc said. “It transforms the way that legal work is done and helps legal teams get to quicker and better insights, while empowering tremendous value from increased productivity, efficiency, and better outcomes.”

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