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Transforming the industry with data-driven insights and powerful technology.

The automotive industry is evolving by the day. Driven by new, transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and data collection, leaders have been presented with an opportunity to revolutionize both their own industry as well as the entire landscape surrounding the business of transport.

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Using Epiq's best-in-class analytics and business intelligence tools, law department teams of world-class automotive manufacturers can streamline their workflows and processes. Our flexible and customizable technology provides clients with a suite of adaptable solutions that can fulfill even the most complex requirements, capturing new efficiencies and obtaining cost savings across any organization.

Empowering Legal Departments

Our advanced AI capabilities and analytics provides automotive clients with powerful prediction models, information management and a secure technology environment for sensitive data related to all legal matters. We can assist with spend and contracts management as well as legal department consulting to drive transformation. We work to reduce your organization's overall risk through process optimization, technology selection and project-based contract analysis and review.

Automotive clients will be able to better control their costs by identifying waste and improving outcomes, maximizing overall business performance. The availability of new resources attained through these processes can allow automotive manufacturers to fulfill self-funded initiatives and re-invest their cost savings across their organization.

Business Intelligence and Data Application

For automotive organizations working to transform themselves into data-driven mobility companies, the sheer size of the legal information environment they oversee poses both a challenge and an opportunity.

Vehicles collect a massive amount of digital information daily, ranging from user driving habits, traffic detours and even the frequency of pit stops made along the way. The data vehicles and their drivers create every day can be utilized in the future to design optimized transit routes, improve infrastructure and adapt ecological and safety regulations. Maximizing the potential of data analytics for the automotive sector requires the effective sharing of data between parties. Automotive companies must be able to adapt and apply industry-best practices to best manage their ever-growing bank of data.

Clients can utilize data dashboards to gain powerful insights regarding their full legal environment, empowering them to make better business decisions. Users are provided with a suite of some of the most powerful, integrated eDiscovery software options on the market, allowing them to import, synthesize, tag and review volumes of data almost instantaneously. Our team of subject-matter experts will apply their experience across our proprietary technologies, enabling high performing automotive clients around the world to capture new efficiencies.

At Epiq, we will work to help transform your legal data collection and analysis processes to streamline work and create better outcomes.

The Future of Automotive Technology

The automotive industry is at a pivotal moment in time where technology has potentially altered the course of its products and services forever. For manufacturers today, it's critical to identify cost saving measures and to capture efficiencies across all processes in order to pursue these new data-driven opportunities. 

At Epiq, our expert team can help you to better manage all aspects of legal matters, empowering you and your team to manage your growing data and transform your core offerings.

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