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Document Review Services

Outcome-Focused eDiscovery Document Review

Trust your document review needs to industry-leading professionals, processes, and technology. Epiq’s deep bench of technologist/lawyers consistently delivers exceptional results.

Why Choose Epiq for your Document Review Service Needs?


Global Presence

Epiq’s document review services (DRS) are tailored to fit your project needs across the globe. Whether the project is in North America, EMEA, APAC, or cross-border, our experts partner with counsel and legal teams to meet the unique goals and staffing requirements of each matter.

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First Level Review and Beyond

Our managed review team routinely provides first-level review for all matter types. Armed with case intelligence from the reviews, our DRS teams are uniquely positioned to perform privilege review, build deposition and witness kits, develop timelines, support motion practice, and act as expert witnesses.

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Supported by AI and proprietary workflows, Epiq’s DRS team identifies privileged, personal, and sensitive information; redacts protected content; and creates defensible privilege logs to keep confidential information out of the wrong hands.

Augment Hu​man Intelligence with Machine Intelligence

The strategic use of technology has a dramatic impact on the quality, efficiency, and cost of document reviews. Epiq’s technology assisted review (TAR) consultants leverage AI to augment the work of subject matter experts to quickly identify relevant content and significantly reduce review populations and spend.

1,500 annual review projects
600M+  documents
$500M+ total savings

Looking for an experienced document review partner to collaborate with counsel on your next case?


Benefit from Epiq’s managed document review continuous improvement program


Managed review audit program for quality assurance


Team lead expansion and development


Managed review toolkit

150+ experts
14 technology experts
60 review managers
30K+ review attorneys

We Speak Your Industry’s Language

Epiq’s dedicated practice groups know the ins and outs of matters in these supported industries:

financial services

We speak your geography’s language

Our vetted attorneys across the globe provides multi-language capability with multi-geography flexibility.

Español (Spanish)
Português (Portuguese)
Français (French)
Italiano (Italian)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
Deutsche (German)
bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Dansk (Danish)
Norsk (Norwegian)
Suomalainen (Finnish)
Svenska (Swedish)
Русский (Russian)
Română (Romanian)
हिंदी (Hindi)
עִברִית (Hebrew)
Polskie (Polish)
Čeština (Czech)
中文 (Chinese Simplified)
中文 (Chinese Traditional)
日本語 (Japanese)
한국어 (Korean)
ไทย (Thai)
عربى (Arabic)
Türk (Turkish)

We Keep Your Data Secure

Epiq understands the security and privacy of our clients’ information is paramount. We’ve invested in a layered and robust set of security controls and technology to protect your data. We are also committed to a culture of security mindfulness. All employees routinely undergo cybersecurity trainings to ensure that safeguarding information is a core practice in all that we do. Simply put, we believe that cyber security vigilance is all of our responsibility.

Epiq security controls and technology

Make the right choice with Epiq


The Right Security

Epiq’s augmented virtual review environment provides security, case oversight, and collaboration tools to keep your information secure and to deliver high quality review results.


The Right Technology

The strategic use of technology has a dramatic impact on the cost, efficiency, consistency, and accuracy to keep your information secure and to deliver high quality review results.of all document review process.


The Right Process

Epiq delivers legally defensible and thorough document review and quality control processes to demonstrably reduce cost while enhancing accuracy and consistency.

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