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Epiq Expert-Supported Invoice Review Identifies Non-Compliant Timekeeper Billing Patterns, Saves Over $600K for Large Energy Company

  • Law Firms

Client need

A law department wished to unburden in-house counsel from the time-consuming task of reviewing law firm bills and analyzing their eBilling data for instances of non-compliance with Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines (OCGs) leading to potential cost leakage.

Why Epiq

The client sought assistance from Epiq because our experts are respected and trusted advisors in the industry. The client had confidence in our team’s ability to provide an objective analysis of their invoice review and eBilling system.

Epiq solution

Pilot Phase

Epiq conducted a limited-scope pilot invoice review on two key matters for a total of about $4M. While performing in-flight review within the client’s eBilling system, Epiq’s experts externally applied data analytics to glean insights into timekeeping trends. 

Epiq identified a substantial amount of time billed for administrative tasks by a firm’s associates in contravention of the company’s OCGs. Moreover, some of the timekeepers were further determined to be law clerks and first-year associates, who were not permitted to bill at all in accordance with the terms of the engagement. 

The pilot not only generated cost savings, but also opened a dialogue between the OCGs and the firm’s relationship partner to determine the best path forward.

9-Month Status Update

Epiq continued its invoice review program with a month-over-month view. After nine months of evaluation and action, our experts were able to identify 13 matters, over 90 invoices and implement savings of over $600K for our client. Pinpointing the most noticeable infractions with OCGs, our experts labeled administrative tasks by the firm as the biggest area of cost-savings at $3.6M. 

The 1.6% savings that Epiq experts were able to establish empowered the in-house lawyers of our client to create a more transparent dialogue with their outside counsel; allowing for the opportunity of future savings and a better relationship.

Results and Benefits

Pilot Phase

$5.23 million in spent data reviewed
<3X ROI achieved
2-year engagement elected

9-Month Progress Update

$43.3 in spent data reviewed
$605K achieved in cost savings
$354.5K achieved in cost savings

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