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A fruitful, long-term relationship built on mutual trust

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Throughout her tenure as Legal Counsel, (the LCE) for a multinational energy company (the company), the LCE has relied on Epiq Managed Document Review Services. “I do a high-level overview,” she begins, describing how the document review partnership works at the outset of a matter. “I get a sense of the amount of data we need to review, and together with Epiq analyze the data and see what type of review workflow would be the best fit.

“We trust them as experts,” she continues. “We certainly rely on their advice. We are always open for them suggesting a better way to do things, whether a general standard linear review, or something involving a technology-assisted review inside the Relativity platform. Or, maybe different options now that we have the option of Reveal. They will hire contract document reviewers trained on the litigation issue we’re dealing with, then they monitor the reviewers to make sure everything is coded correctly.”

Earning and keeping trust

The LCE believes that one critical element distinguishes Epiq Managed Document Review Services from competitors. “I have always found when we work with Epiq, whether it’s sales, in document review services, or with project managers, I feel that I can trust them,” she confides. “I can’t trust other vendors as much as I have put my trust into Epiq.”

While the company is always open to bringing other vendors on board to maximize their options, they are hesitant to do so because the relationship with Epiq has proven so fruitful. “The amount of trust that we have in the Epiq team, built up over six years, has been amazing. We’ve been able to standardize our workflows with them. I don’t think we would get that much attention and trust from other vendors.”

The relationship’s longevity has netted both financial and operational benefits. The LCE estimates that the document review process has grown over 20% more efficient with Epiq. The consistency enables more predictable, accurate, and better-quality work. “In the past few years with Epiq Managed Document Review Services, we’ve worked to standardize and streamline as much as possible,” she says. “The Epiq team is on board and so is the company team and we have processes that span from the onset of litigations until production review.”

“With Epiq Managed Document Review Services, we’ve worked to standardize and streamline as much as possible.”

Thorough accountability

Asked to describe an incident that personified the relationship, the LCE recalled the handling of an error. “About three years ago,” she recounts, “there was an issue with processing and Epiq brought it to our attention. They told us that items had not been optimally processed. They pulled in other team members to get it fixed as quickly as possible. That weekend, I remember being on phone calls with multiple people from Epiq. It was an instance where anyone who needed to be on a call during off-hours was available. They were on the phone with me to help resolve the situation.”

​Epiq also keeps an eye on the project as a whole, not just their piece of it. “We had a review going on,” the LCE continues, “where outside counsel was doing things on their own, in the background. During our weekly meeting, the Epiq Review Manager said, ‘You know we still have X number of documents to review. I don’t know if outside counsel wants to do those on their own, or maybe you’ll want to add resources.’ That led to a chat between the company, Epiq, and outside counsel where the latter agreed, ‘Yeah. We need to hire more document reviewers.’ Epiq was saving the company money by keeping tabs on what was occurring in the background. It’s great to have those additional eyes since we don’t have the internal resources to be looking at everything all the time.”

Bringing options, creative solutions, and problem-solving sets Epiq Managed Document Review Services apart from many service providers the LCE deals with. And for those very reasons, she expects the relationship to continue to evolve. “I’m excited to keep standardizing and making our workflows better,” she says. “We have biweekly meetings where we continue to think of ways to streamline processes even further.”

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