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Royal Commission Success

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client need

A top 6 law firm (the Firm) turned to Epiq to outsource critical elements of its eDiscovery process surrounding a Royal Commission. The Firm sought our expertise to add to the case team, provide resources, and take the load off their overworked project managers.

why Epiq?

Epiq partnered with the Firm by flying in Epiq experts from the USA to assist with the huge workload of a Royal Commission, which included implementing standardised procedures and workflows, providing Relativity training and guidance, and demoing upcoming products on our release schedule.

Our solution enhanced the Firm’s global eDiscovery capabilities, introduced new tools to streamline processes, and created training pathways for the Firm’s staff.

Epiq solution

  • Epiq helped the Firm manage the workload surrounding one of the largest Royal Commissions in recent memory
  • Epiq helped to implement new eDiscovery workflows and training procedures within the Firm
  • Epiq helped to reduce the overall cost of processing data and improving its operational efficiency

results and benefits

By streamlining workflows, providing expert guidance, improving business processes, and helping teams work effectively under pressure, Epiq enabled the Firm to manage its legal function efficiently and effectively.

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