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An Epiq roadmap to client success

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Canadian Lawyer

Discover how organizations, especially law firms and corporate legal teams, are benefiting from partnerships with Epiq. Learn how Epiq's commitment to reducing client burdens and fostering strong, deadline-driven partnerships is reshaping the landscape of eDiscovery services. Dive into this insightful piece from Canadian Lawyert to uncover the advantages of partnering with Epiq in Canada.

Sricharan Parthasarathy, Director, EMS, Epiq: “By partnering with Epiq, clients get access to a program that offers cost predictability, consistency, scalability, and integration with Epiq’s industry-leading technologies. We solve a really big challenge for our clients: keeping up with data, application licensing, platform upgrades, security audits, and their infrastructure needs, all of which are more complicated than ever.” 

Tiana Van Dyk, Managing Director, Epiq Canada: "When we're working with our partners, we're an extension of their business. We're not simply a service that they purchase. Casually, I tell clients they should consider us to be ‘just down the hall’, as opposed to a separate entity that they exchange emails with. That helps create a highly collaborative environment, instead of a transactional relationship.”

Keith Bedford, Associate Director, Client Services, Epiq: "Some cases are large and complex, for which clients may need a platform with strong processing, review, and analytics capability. On the other hand, some matters are straightforward, and the client requires a simple platform that gets the job done while keeping the cost low.”

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Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations