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Legal Takes a Mature Approach to AI at an Energetic ILTACON 2023

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ILTACON 2023 marked a significant moment for the legal industry, with rapid progression in embracing generative AI. The absence of exaggerated AI claims allowed for substantive discussions around real use cases, and the positive energy of the conference highlighted the enduring importance of human connections in the legal tech community. The event epitomized the evolving spirit of the legal tech landscape and reinforced our commitment to driving progress within the industry.

Joshua Fireman, Founder & President of Fireman & Company, an Epiq Company: “What I find really interesting is that we’ve transitioned from the undefined potential of generative AI, where we were in January/February, to some really nice, cleanly defined use cases from some vendors."

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Carrie Trent
Epiq, Director of Communications & Public Relations