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DTI and Valora Technologies Announce Part Two of their AutoClassification for Legal Professionals Webinar Series

Attendees will learn real-world strategies for taking control of data for information governance, records management and eDiscovery.

Attendees will learn real-world strategies for taking control of data for information governance, records management and eDiscovery

ATLANTA, GA and BEDFORD, MA – December 19, 2017 – DTI, a global legal process outsourcing (LPO) company providing eDiscovery, management services, litigation support and court reporting, and Valora Technologies, the leader in predictive analytics and AutoClassification for information governance, are pleased to announce their continued joint participation in a four-part webinar series, titled “AutoClassification 101.”

AutoClassification utilizes computer software and algorithms to automate analysis and disposition of files and document content. Expert speakers will be Sandra Serkes, president and CEO of Valora Technologies, and Karen Frazier, project manager at DTI. Part two of the AutoClassification webinar series will focus on the details of creating structure from unstructured data, including:

  • The difference between structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • How to make sense of large amounts of unclassified content, how to generate context, and how to leverage line-of-business subject matter experts to assure quality classification
  • Strategies for choosing a good place to start a content assessment project
  • Tips, tricks and pitfalls from the field when conducting content assessment projects

“Unstructured data is everywhere – from emails to shared drives to collaborative workspaces, it is more important than ever to utilize tools like AutoClassification to organize, monitor and manage this sea of content,” said Serkes. “We are excited to be collaborating with DTI on such a timely topic.”

“In a world facing unrelenting information overload, Valora’s PowerHouse® is a uniquely powerful weapon to help take control of ‘dark data,’ ” said Julie Colgan, senior director of strategy and innovation at DTI. “Our partnership with Valora is another way we are proving our commitment to investing in leading-edge information governance solutions.”

The first part of the series, “What is AutoClassification, and Why Should I Care?” occurred on Wednesday, November 15, and is available for download on Valora’s website. During the session, Colgan and Serkes discussed the impact AutoClassification makes when analyzing, organizing and controlling documents, files and other enterprise content. The session covered the history and evolution of AutoClassification as an indispensable tool for enterprise content management and information governance.

Remaining sessions in the series are:

In March 2017, DTI made a strategic investment in Valora Technologies, to make Valora’s AutoClassification and information governance technology broadly available to DTI and Epiq clients. Valora is a leading innovator in AutoClassification, predictive analytics and document data mining technologies for information governance, eDiscovery, and records management. The investment underscored DTI’s ongoing commitment to investing in leading-edge information governance solutions.

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Valora provides world-class AutoClassification, Data Analytics & Visualization technologies for the legal, records management, and information governance markets. We offer classification, data mining, analytics, coding and review, document intake and visualization, and hosted solutions for corporations & government agencies, as well as their advisory, inside & outside counsel organizations around the world. Valora has developed a strong expertise in the processing, management & analysis of complex data populations across large enterprises. Our solutions accommodate on premise, in cloud and SaaS environments, with additional support for sensitive material & mixed languages. For more information, please visit, or contact us at: 781.229.2265.

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