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Epiq Announces New Vice President, Financial/Insurance Sector for Global Business Transformation Solutions

NEW YORK – JULY 12, 2021— Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, announced today that John Garippa has joined Epiq as vice president of business development of the financial and insurance sector for their Global Business Transformation Solutions division. 

Garippa is an established leader with over 30 years’ experience developing business transformation solutions for clients in the insurance, banking, and financial services verticals. At Epiq, his focus will be on delivering innovative solutions for clients while focusing on risk mitigation, continuous improvement, and cost savings. Additionally, he will aid financial and insurance organizations in the continued pursuit of large-scale digitalization efforts. Powered by Epiq’s expansive suite of technology offerings, Garippa will partner with clients to enable technology-driven automation of processes, the intelligent routing and processing of documents, and overall transformation efforts.

“The pandemic has prompted financial institutions to reevaluate their day-to-day operations,” said Garippa. “The next wave of innovation in the business process industry is upon us. Organizations are now looking to drive automation and mitigate risk through technology-enabled solutions. Epiq’s wide array of innovative offerings, strong leadership and ability to partner with clients to solve complex challenges were key to my decision in joining this rapidly growing organization.”

“We are thrilled to welcome John Garippa to our leadership team,” says Michelle Deichmeister, president, and general manager of Epiq’s Global Business Transformation Solutions division. “At Epiq, our primary focus is to be at the forefront of workplace optimization. John’s extensive background in the banking and financial services industry will continue to enhance these efforts for our clients in the financial services space.”  
Garippa is a 30-year veteran to the industry and has significant experience driving innovation for clients within this vertical. Prior to joining Epiq, he spent 8+ years at Exela Technologies (formerly Novitex) serving as senior vice president of their banking and financial services vertical, responsible for business development. Prior to Exela, Garippa worked at Pitney Bowes Management Services for 20+ years and most recently served as vice president of their banking and insurance vertical. Garippa graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

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