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Epiq Launches End-to-End eDiscovery Chat Solution

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NEW YORK –September 9, 2021—Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, today expanded on its innovation around short messages and chat data, building on the success of the Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams, by announcing the availability of Epiq Chat Solutions. Available globally, Epiq Chat Solutions includes collection, processing, review, analysis, redaction, and production capabilities to streamline eDiscovery for short messages from a wide variety of sources, including Microsoft Teams, WeChat, Bloomberg Chat, and many others. With Epiq Chat Solutions, collaborative chat conversations and instant messages display for reviewers as if they are in the custodians’ native chat applications with all the nuance and interaction needed to make sense of modern messaging.

In a recent Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) survey, 86.7% of respondents said their organizations had data from internal messaging applications, 96.2% had online meeting data, and 40.3% had text/instant messaging app data. The growth of short message data means litigators are encountering this data in eDiscovery collections more often. Supported by our worldwide teams, Epiq offers its complete, end-to-end solution globally, making it easier for lawyers to gain insights from these growing data types.

“As the most experienced eDiscovery provider in the industry, our experts work to identify and combine best-of-breed technologies, layered with superior Epiq services, connectors, and workflows, for the benefit of our clients,” said Eric Crawley, vice president of global advanced solutions for Epiq’s Legal Solutions business. “We are pleased to make this new solution available to meet a growing need for our clients.”

Epiq launched Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams in 2020 to solve eDiscovery related issues with Teams data. To date, it has parsed millions of Teams messages into an eDiscovery ready format. Epiq Chat Solutions expands on this offering to provide similar services for other short message file types. Epiq completed an extensive early adopter program to prove-out Epiq Chat Solutions and ensure it met client needs before making it widely available. According to one early adopter, a litigation partner at an Am Law 100 firm, the solution “ a lifesaver! Thank you for making this entire process work so quickly.”

To deliver individual messages in more understandable 24-hour threads, Epiq brings together several leading forensic collection, middleware, and hosting solutions. The service also includes proprietary workflows and connectors, including Epiq Compliance Connector for Microsoft Teams, to automate the process of adding these data types into a standard eDiscovery workflow.

“Chat and short messages are not only growing in volume, they are also coming from an increasing number of sources,” said Crawley. “Our clients needed a solution that covered them for a wide variety of chat and messaging applications. We seamlessly brought together all the technologies and services needed to make this possible.”

To learn more about Epiq’s new industry-leading Chat services, visit us here.

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