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Competition Law & Regulatory Scrutiny in the “New Normal”: Everything you need to know about the new Canadian Competition Law Landscape

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There has been a distinct shift in the scope and breadth of investigations by global competition regulators, and the Canadian competition law landscape has followed suit. From the continued focus on the digital economy and ‘big tech’ to merger review, class actions proceedings and the expanded scope of the Canadian Competition Act, the Canadian competition law landscape continues to evolve. Our panelists shared their perspectives on regulators activity when investigating anti-competitive behaviour and the strategic role of technology.

  • Reform of the Canadian Competition Act and the increasingly aggressive stance of regulators on merger control matters.

  • The rise in corporate investigations – how they are being conducted, what type of conduct regulators are targeting, and how companies can prepare themselves.

  • The increase in “unannounced inspections” and the importance of being “dawn raid ready”.

  • The role of advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence in identifying relevant and privileged data.

  • The dual challenges posed by remote work and newly emerging styles of communication – including Teams, Slack and WhatsApp.

Key takeaways can be found here and you can listen to the full webinar below. 


  • Grant Stevens, Associate General Counsel, Parkland Corporation

  • Alysha Manji-Knight, Partner, Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg LLP

  • Devin Persaud, Senior Associate, Goodmans LLP

  • Erin Toomey, Vice President and Managing Director, Global Investigations Practice, Epiq

  • Tiana Van Dyk, Managing Director, Canada (Moderator)