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Records and
Information Management

Knowing where your company’s inactive records are stored is a necessary but inconvenient practice for any business.


Epiq handles this process of records management for you with deep experience and technological efficiencies so that you can focus on running your business.


Utilize Epiq's records management solutions to store them securely and efficiently

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Epiq's subject matter experts in records and information management offer essential oversight and administrative services that help our clients remain compliant with any applicable regulations pertaining to data retention and governance. But to truly understand what our Certified Records Managers (CRMs), Information Governance Professionals (IGPs) and project managers do, it's important to first understand the bigger picture.

Private-sector organizations have fairly broad discretion over some of the data they store (both on-premise and in the cloud). They can retain or delete it as they see fit. But many of their records are subject to certain requirements that stipulate what information must be retained and for how long: Common examples include the W-2 (which must be stored for at least four years), personal health information under the umbrella of HIPAA (six years) and Form I-9 (three years post-hire or one year post-retention, whichever is later). 

Records and information management is arguably more important in the legal realm than within any other area of operations: Corporate law teams never know when a contract document from decades past might have relevance to an active class-action lawsuit. Along similar lines, a law firm specializing in the representation of class-action defendants might never know that a case from 20 years ago might have relevance as precedent — in a way that could significantly bolster the defense strategy — if they were not especially judicious with the retention of archival files. 

Epiq helps legal firms and departments navigate the unprecedented challenges surrounding the creation, use, storage and security of highly sensitive client and firm information. Through close collaboration with our clients, we devise strategic plans for records and information management with compliance specifically in mind, to mitigate any penalty risk while also protecting highly sensitive data and streamlining it (through transitions to electronic document management systems and other methods).

Our compliance-focused oversight of our customers' records can also help reduce costs and improve their client services. Records management strategies from Epiq encompass everything from thorough contract analysis to thorough document review when required in conjunction with a voluntary remediation program.

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