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Precise, Powerful and Fast Processing

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Epiq Discovery is a leader in eDiscovery on G2
Software Reviews Award
Software Reviews Award

Top rated eDiscovery platform
3x Leader in G2 eDiscovery Grid
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About Epiq Discovery

Most Powerful Data Collection, Processing and Review SaaS eDiscovery Platform in the Market

Taking control of your eDiscovery process has never been easier. Epiq Discovery delivers large scale collection and processing, early case assessment, analysis, review and production. You can tackle all your legal and compliance challenges head-on with Epiq Discovery.

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What Epiq Discovery Users are Saying

“I'm able to turn around a small PST quickly or loose documents received into production with very little time and effort. It's beneficial to the client and to the case teams."
Advanced Client Data Solutions Team - Enterprise Organization

“Quick processing and filtering to find relevant documents for my investigation."
Legal Consultant - Mid-Market Organization

“We have a large litigation file with a complex affidavit of documents. This software allowed us to input all documents, review and tag for issues and privilege over a period of time. Very well organized."
User in Law Practice

Service & Support

Freedom To Choose the Service-Level That Suits You

Service & Support

Fully Supported

While an on-demand eDiscovery tool is an appealing concept, what if your team gets “stuck” while working on a matter? Working with Epiq means you have access to seasoned eDiscovery experts if and when you need it.

You are autonomous to do things by yourself or with our help, this is your choice with the flexibility to choose any service model ranging from self-service to full-service, including hybrid options.

In any case, Epiq’s experienced project managers and client support staff are available to assist as needed.

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Simple and Easy Collection from Anywhere

Simple and Easy Collection from Anywhere

You can target multiple popular data sources for collection such as email services, local or cloud storage and an ever-evolving range of social media platforms.

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Precise, Powerful and Fast Processing

Excavating deep into data files, Epiq Discovery processing fully extracts metadata, text, embedded objects, and domains, so you don’t miss information critical to your matter. With the constant evolution of file types, our software engineers continually strengthen Epiq Discovery to handle a wide range of diverse data formats. With Epiq Discovery, your data is always at your fingertips.

Process Your Data
Precise, Powerful and Fast Processing
Precise, Powerful and Fast Processing

Gain Early Insight Into Your Data

Epiq Discovery is laser-focused on analysis and review efficiency. Early Case Assessment (ECA) helps you find patterns and key interest areas with visual navigation and interactive tools. By building your case strategy early you can forecast deadlines, teams and budgets. With Epiq Discovery you get:

  • Advanced analytical features to triage your data early in the discovery process and identify documents vital to your matter
  • An automated workflow that reduces the risk of human error and keeps data and crucial steps from falling through the cracks
  • Secure multi-party project collaboration
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Simple and Easy to Use

Simple and Easy to Use

Intuitive user interface designed to be simple to learn and use. Take advantage of exceptional efficiency with process automations, detailed workflows, real-time status reports and dashboard views to significantly lower review costs. The Epiq Discovery platform equips you with essential discovery management tools to achieve an efficient, intelligent assessment and review. In addition, you can see the critical set of data that gives you better control over your eDiscovery work including:

  • The stage in which the data resides
  • Where each data source has been
  • The data and custodians included in the current data set data size and document count
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Seamless integration with "Transfer to Relativity" functionality

Users can get a fast start to their matters, ingesting, filtering and even reviewing data with the simplified and user friendly interface. With "Transfer to Relativity" users are also able to easily promote data, as needed, to Relativity or RelativityOne for access to more advanced functionality.

You can use Epiq Discovery for simplified and low cost culling, review and production technology, but later leverage Relativity for creation of a production repository, deposition prep or other ongoing preparation or analysis needs.