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Got Data? Know How to Use It!

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If you’re frustrated that you don’t have the data you need at the right time with the right context to drive improvement, you’re not alone. Hyperion Research benchmarking data shows that 63% of corporate legal departments have formal Metrics & Analytics programs, but only 9% strongly agree that their metrics are well-defined, curated, and have audience-specific dashboards.

As your Metrics program evolves, your team will move from being able to understand what has happened in the past, to being able to utilize data to course correct in real time and to eventually model possible outcomes. Like all legal operations initiatives, formalizing your Metrics & Analytics program is an exercise in change management that starts with an assessment, engages key players, results in goal-setting, and does not get mired because it is overwhelming.

This case study presentation will provide a deep dive into the process, tools, and methods used to design a KPI program that delivered impactful results, with defined objectives including:

  • Real-time insight into current activities
  • Guide course-correction
  • Internal indices to adjust strategy
  • Suggest areas for process improvement