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Case Study: Epiq Develops a Discovery Programme Roadmap, Minimising Risks and Streamlining Workflow for an International Railway Company

  • Technology


International Railway Company


North America

Client need

The client was looking to overcome internal inertia and obstacles to make across the board improvements, focusing on their legal hold and information governance (IG) policies and practices.

Client solution

Epiq’s Discovery Health Check assessed the client’s discovery programme and uncovered specific opportunities for improvement, including leveraging existing Microsoft 365 technologies to boost efficiency, further automating Legal Hold processes to reduce risk, improving cross-functional collaboration, and cost reduction recommendations to increase visibility into spend. Our experts were always available and flexible with the client’s culture and schedule; excelling at creating a trusting and fruitful relationship.

Why Epiq

Epiq’s deep knowledge and experience in constructing discovery programmes for cross-functional teams within large organisations responded to the client’s needs. With Epiq’s established and holistic methodology relating to discovery programmes, the client was confident in our recommendations for cost reduction and risk mitigation that aligns with their legal profile and corporate culture.

Results and Benefits


recommendations made


Inefficiently preserved data sources identified


Unique workflows created