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Transcription Services

Epiq transcribes content for matters large and small from a wide variety of analog and digital formats with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Our personnel are well-versed in transcription of arbitrations, court proceedings, legal hearings, board meetings, and phone calls.

Transcription creates a written record and makes media-based data much easier to organise and search. Our audio and video transcription services include web-based technology that allows for the secure transfer of audio and video files.

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Legal Transcription Expertise
As experts in legal transcription, Epiq has extensive experience in transcribing witness interviews, pre-trial meetings, and full court hearings. We currently hold over 25 court reporting contracts for various courts and government bodies across Australia and New Zealand, including the following:
  • Australian Federal Police (AFP)
  • New Zealand Police
  • New Zealand Inland Revenue Department
  • Australian Defence Force Legal Services (ADFLS)
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Fair Work Commission (FWC)
  • ACT Courts and Tribunals
  • Northern Territory Courts and Tribunals
  • New South Wales Department of Communities and Justice
  • Queensland Department of Justice & the Attorney General
  • WA District Court

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