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Epiq connects the best technologies, processes, and people for the industry’s most powerful, efficient, and defensible document review services.

Legal teams need to efficiently review and analyse data from an exploding range of sources. Data’s inherent sensitivity, including privileged and confidential information, means a robust combination of human and machine intelligence is required to enable its analysis and security.

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1200+ annual managed review projects
600M+ documents analysed using advanced analytics
$500M+ total savings

Epiq's Document Review Services

Available across the globe, our document review service offerings are tailored to fit your needs, ranging from staffing contracted resources to end-to-end managed review.

Epiq Managed Review: The hallmark of Epiq’s review offering is what we call “managed review.” In this model, Epiq manages the process and technologies of review, as well as the day-to-day activities of the review team. Our managed review solutions are designed to be flexible and customisable in order to meet a wide range of unique requirements. We host and manage reviewers in our secure remote or in-person* review centres. In collaboration with counsel, Epiq advises on case-specific review and budgeting, staffing requirements, and iterative review processes. And all our solutions are delivered by a highly trained, credentialed, and experienced team of review managers with deep subject-matter expertise.

managed document review continuous improvement program
Managed Review audit program for quality assurance
Team lead expansion and development
Managed review toolkit

Legal Staffing for Client Managed Review at Client Site*: When our clients wish to conduct a review at their own offices, Epiq will provide a talented team and will manage all HR- and payroll-related functions. The client or its counsel will oversee and manage the day-to-day activities and all work product completed by the review team.
Legal Staffing for Client Managed Review at Epiq Review Centre*: Epiq can also provide project space for our clients to conduct the review onsite at an Epiq facility or in our secure virtual review centre. Epiq will provide legal talent, manage all HR- and payroll-related functions, and provide IT support.
Beyond First Level Review: Epiq routinely provides Managed Review across a variety of matter types and clients. We also frequently perform a review prior to and following first level review. Epiq leverages best-in-class privilege and private information identification, privilege logging and redaction processes and technologies to ensure privileged and confidential information is protected.
* Pending COVID-19 restriction guidelines.
Epiq designs customised managed review solutions using the best technology, the best process, and the best people to deliver the best outcome on your document review.

The right technology

The strategic use of technology can have a dramatic impact on the cost, efficiency, consistency, and accuracy of any document review process.
A multitude of technologies and tools are available to optimise the review process ranging from review accelerators that organise and stratify different types of data for efficient analysis to advanced analytics tools that quickly identify relevant content and significantly reduce review populations.
The Epiq Advanced Analytics and Technology team evaluates each new tool, practice, and idea offered by established eDiscovery technology partners and innovative startups to create the industry’s most effective managed review toolkit.
To aid in tool selection and best practices for the use of each tool and workflow, Epiq employs a consultative, proactive, and iterative approach throughout the review process, utilising metrics and rigorous sampling protocols to provide a defensible approach.

The right document review process

At Epiq we understand that solid foundational activities and adherence to best practices lead to Managed Review success. This encompasses clear guidelines, a memorialised process, quality control, daily reporting, secure review sites, and a global footprint when needed. The result: Legally defensible and thorough processes that demonstrably reduce cost while enhancing accuracy and consistency.

  • Clear guidelines: We help our clients develop a clear, thoughtful, and enforceable set of review guidelines.
  • Memorialised process: Our teams carefully memorialise the review process so our clients can explain any decisions made and steps taken to ensure and prove defensibility.
  • Quality control: Multiple layers of quality control review are performed concurrently with first level review to ensure consistency and accuracy, leveraging advanced searching, conceptual analytics, and active learning where possible.
  • Daily reporting: Review managers provide daily reports and intelligence that help guide strategic decisions made by counsel. Our reports detail productivity, accuracy, throughput, projections, and performance-to-budget on a daily basis.
  • Secure reviews: All of our physical and virtual review centres across the globe provide a “clean room” approach to perform review, ensuring communication is private, rooms are secure, and reviewers only have access to what they require access to in order to perform their jobs.
  • Global footprint and multilingual capabilities: Epiq can staff and manage in-country reviews as required for data protection, business or personal confidentiality, security, or other sensitivities. We have experience setting up large and small multi-language teams across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. We are adept at managing review teams in multiple jurisdictions. 

The right people

Expertise is the cornerstone of every successful review. Epiq’s review team members bring the right mix of education, vertical expertise, and analogous matter experience to drive the most powerful results. 

14 Technology experts and data scientists
60 review managers
30K+ vetted review attorneys

We speak your industry’s language

Our experience provides deep understanding of specific regulatory and legal requirements and typical data types.

We speak your geography’s language

Our deep bench of vetted attorneys across the globe provides multi-language capability with multi-geography flexibility.


Español (Spanish)

Português (Portuguese)

Français (French)

Italiano (Italian)

Ελληνικά (Greek)

Deutsche (German)

Nederlands (Dutch)

Dansk (Danish)

Norsk (Norwegian)

Suomalainen (Finnish)

Svenska (Swedish)

Русский (Russian)

Română (Romanian)

Polskie (Polish)

Čeština (Czech)

中文 (Chinese Simplified)

中文 (Chinese Traditional)

日本語 (Japanese)

한국어 (Korean)

ไทย (Thai)

bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

हिंदी (Hindi)

עִברִית (Hebrew)

عربى (Arabic)

Türk (Turkish)

We speak with your counsel

At Epiq, we know we are most effective when we are part of your broader team. We develop a collaborative relationship with between managed review and counsel teams, including:

  •  Deliver Case Insights through analytics tools, identifying key areas of concern
  •  Structure document review processes to maximize productivity and quality, while reducing risk and cost
  •  Provide comprehensive and transparent reporting to identify trends and key documents
  •  Streamline processes and utilize advanced technologies to identify and protect sensitive information
  • Once document review is completed, Epiq can provide supplementary services to support trial and investigation, including
  •  Deposition and witness kit preparation
  • Fact research and timelines development for motion practice
  • Document summaries and trial exhibit creation

We Take Data Security Seriously

Epiq understands the security and privacy of our clients’ information is paramount. We’ve invested in a layered and robust set of security controls and technology to protect your data. We are also committed to a culture of security mindfulness. All employees routinely undergo cybersecurity trainings to ensure that safeguarding information is a core practice in all that we do. Simply put, we believe that cyber security vigilance is all of our responsibility.

Epiq security controls and technology​

Matthew Grant

Senior Director, Document Review Services, Europe


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