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Processing and Hosting

Value and Quality

Epiq delivers unique, consultative guidance at every stage in the eDiscovery workflow, beginning with eDiscovery processing and hosting.

Get in touch with Epiq and get answers to your questions and find out how our eDiscovery Processing and Hosting offerings can help your firm or business.

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Plan for Efficiency

Why work harder?

Our experts position your data for downstream efficiencies, using documented, legally defensible processes.

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Secure Data Where You Want It

Multiple eDiscovery hosting options:

15 secure global data centers to SaaS-based cloud hosting meet your project requirements.

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The Premier eDiscovery Processing & Hosting LSP

200+ certified relativity administrators
450+ different file types handled
15TB+ global daily processing capacity
70TB+ processed per month

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Why wait until tomorrow to begin review?

From the largest, most complex collections to Express Service for small, simple data sets our technology-supported experts deliver your review-ready data quickly and accurately.

Unmatched Quality

99.98% Error Free Data Delivery
Global Service Team
ISO Certified 9001 - 2015
Express Processing in less than 4 hours

Epiq experts share: What makes our quality second to none

Our project managers handle and track the details

Rest assured that you will be in the know.
Along with regular reporting, enjoy dashboard-driven access to a holistic picture of progress throughout the eDiscovery processing and eDiscovery hosting workflow.

document settings, password handling, metadata identification, time zone normalization, language identification, translation, transcription, and indexing
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We Take Data Security Seriously

We understand that the security and privacy of our clients’ information is paramount. That’s why we have invested in a layered and robust set of security controls and technology to protect your data from the time we receive it for eDiscovery processing through eDiscovery hosting and production. We are also committed to a culture of security mindfulness. All employees routinely undergo cybersecurity training to ensure that safeguarding information is a core practice in all that we do.

Simply put, we believe that cyber security vigilance is everyone’s responsibility.

Learn more about our security controls and technology. 

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