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Online Review Book

The Epiq Online Review Book provides unparalleled benefits to hearing preparation and document management­—with round-the-clock support ensuring client needs are met.

The Online Review Book is a proven replacement for paper-based hearing preparation, allowing practitioners to prepare with the security, efficiency and flexibility of modern technology. The Online Review Book is delivered as a secure web service accessible from any location, including the hearing room, offices, chambers, home, and any other location where an internet connection is available.

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Confidential by Design

Epiq uses an independent database model which means each party has access to their own separate database. This reduces risk and ensures each party can organise their documents with complete confidence that their notes and annotations will not be shared with the opposing side.

Optimal Document Organisation

The Online Review Book’s tag structure allows users to find documents with ease. Intuitively designed, key documents such as submissions, pleadings, transcripts, authorities, legislation, lay or expert evidence and other court documents can be filtered with one click.

For greater precision, sub-tags provide users with the opportunity to access documents by day, party, or context. In seconds, you can find the transcript of cross examination of a witness, a relevant expert report, or even arguments from a specific day.

Customisable and Personal

The Online Review Book allows users to quickly and easily create their own lists of documents with our Document Sets feature. These are commonly used for making a list of documents to be presented in cross examination to a witness.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Users can locate documents with ease with the Online Review Book’s advanced search functionality. Users can search by Document ID or specific key words, which target titles and internal text of a document, or they can utilise advanced search features to nail down more refined data, such as date range, presence of annotations, submitted party, and by documents that have been referenced in other documents.


Documents uploaded to the Online Review Book go through a convenient hyperlinking process by Epiq. When scrolling through a document, a simple click on a hyperlinked Document ID will display the relevant document, saving you the effort of finding it yourself.

Unmatched Detail

Beyond hyperlinking, the Online Review Book’s real power lies in providing users with easily visible data for each document, including:
  • Documents the text refers to
  • Other documents it is referenced in
  • Transcript references
  • When the document is presented during the hearing
  • When the document is admitted into evidence
The Epiq team provides a reliable and responsive presence to ensure your needs are met. Support can range from general technical assistance and consulting, to data uploads and generating comprehensive data reports.

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