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Cyber Incident

Ready or not?

Proactive planning prior to a cyber incident can save precious time after one occurs and ensure smooth service delivery when it counts most.

Today most organizations digitize all of their business information, which unfortunately increases the risk for cyber incidents and related data breaches. These cyber events are becoming more prevalent because of the increase in both digital data and sophisticated cyber criminals. Data breaches and cyber incidents threaten an organization’s data management and retention capabilities, business operations, and client relationships. Even organizations with sophisticated cyber security systems can be at risk.

Clear information governance, cyber incident investigation, and data breach response plans are critically important to limit the consequences that could result from a substantial data breach.  Epiq helps clients mitigate the risk of cyber incidents by reducing the volume of data stored in a legally defensible manner, and helping to create, evaluate and assess a Cyber Incident Response Plan.

Prepare for the future with a Cyber Incident Response Plan. Learn more about Epiq's Data Breach Readiness solutions.


Information Governance Strength

  • 2020 Microsoft Compliance Partner of the Year
  • A first pass data remediation and deletion project typically results in a 25-40% reduction in an enterprise’s data footprint
  • Experience in executing information protection and defensible deletion projects in North America, Asia and Europe, working under the direction of client’s counsel. 
  • OneTrust Incident Response Credentialed Experts
  • Experts in evolving global data privacy laws, including Japan (APPI), Singapore and Hong Kong (PDPC), China (PIPL), Korea (PIPA), EU (GDPR), California (CCPA), Canada (PIPA), Mexico (LFPDPPP), Brazil (LGPD), Ireland (DPA), South Africa (POPI), and more.

Epiq Service

Data inventory and mapping: By leveraging OneTrust Privacy Management Software, Epiq assists with data mapping and inventory by researching relevant requirements, creating questionnaires and interviews, discovering assets/business processes and implementing cyber security technology to demonstrate and maintain ongoing compliance through granular reports and dashboard visuals.

Legal hold preservation assessment: Epiq experts review client’s existing legal hold preservation processes, then deliver a gap analysis and process and technology improvement recommendations.

Cyber Incident response planning and prevention begins with smart Information Governance processes from Epiq.

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