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One Epiq

We are at our best when we are developing genuine relationships, looking out for one another, freely and honestly sharing information, working together. We succeed when we rise above our departments, roles, and individual interests to come together, to move forward together.


Unwavering Integrity

Relationships are built on trust, transparency, and dependability. Good news or bad, we value and expect honesty and candor.


"We make a huge difference for our clients. Clients start to work with Epiq for a lot of reasons, but they continue to work with us because of our people." James F.

"I've only been here a year and I feel like I've made a major impact on the organization. I have a lot of freedom and flexibility to make a difference and I really appreciate that." Albert S.


Relentless Service

Client relationships define us as a company and each person at Epiq defines us for our clients. Quality, speed, thoughtful consultation, and expertise; these are commitments to our clients, colleagues, and communities. We are relentless in delivering excellence.


Thrive on Big challenges

The challenges we encounter are critical to our clients and colleagues. With expertise, experience, and innovation, we solve problems and deliver results. Whatever the challenge, whatever it takes, we are driven to persist and succeed.


"You get an inner feeling of accomplishment. We do challenging work and we do it well." Janice L.

"We have a wide diversity of people who bring different skills and capabilities to the Epiq team. It's what makes us work." Michael Y.


Be Yourself, Belong with Epiq

The strength of Epiq is in the unique backgrounds, voices, talents, and experiences of each person. With a culture of belonging, we enable teamwork, spark innovation, and fuel success.

Around the corner and around the world, high performing employees contribute to the global growth of our systems, process, and deliverables. Take a look at some of our job families.

Client Service

Whether you are spearheading an eDiscovery project, working onsite with one of our law firm clients, manning the helpdesk or consulting with our clients; service and building meaningful relationships is a  paramount aspect of our business.  Epiq prides itself on providing our clients with first in class service around the globe.



Delivering on large scale client demands has become one of the core reasons why clients entrust us with some of the biggest, most complex challenges in the industry. Through world class operations, we are able to deliver on a scale unrivaled in the market with expertise, precision, accuracy and agility. The Operations team makes our ideas a reality and delivers on our promises.



Connecting our offerings with new clients is a generator for new opportunities across the organization. The meaningful work of the company only happens when we have clients who entrust Epiq with delivering on their business needs. It starts with our sales team who consults with prospective clients, including law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies, to understand their needs and identify the right solutions.


Innovation & Technology Development

Client-centric innovation drives value for our clients today and lays the groundwork for technology-enabled services of tomorrow. We are pioneering data science and technologies that will power the innovation of our products, processes, and business model to help our clients achieve their goals. Our product management, project management, data science and product development teams work to understand the market, anticipate client needs, and create value. We are building the future.


Global Business Transformation Solutions

Our employees typically work within the offices of our clients alongside highly energized professionals. In this outsourced environment, employees often make quick decisions in our clients’ best interest on non-core office services such as: record management, mail management, and reception support. Employees value the experience and growth potential they receive through their experience with Global Business Transformation Solutions.


Information Technology

We are a technology enabled services company so at our core, information technology is in our DNA. Whether it’s reflected in the support for our complex and growing technology and data infrastructure across 14 data centers, or in the support of our growing employee population across 80+ offices, the Technology Services team enables the success of every client facing product and Epiq employee.


Finance, Human Resources, Legal, & Corporate

The backbone of our business is comprised of a talented and dedicated team that supports Epiq through our corporate functions. This team is instrumental in supporting our 6,000 internal clients across 80 offices in 14 different countries. Whether you recruit talent, negotiate contracts, create communications, or manage our finances, you are an integral part to our global operations.


Document Review Services

The diverse team of experienced, talented attorneys and paralegals deliver superior results to meet the evolving Discovery and Document Review needs of Epiq clients. With our industry leading eDiscovery technologies, we exceed client expectations through a data reduction review strategy. In this team, you will handle some of the most challenging document review cases in the industry.


Epiq Counsel

Epiq Counsel provides credentialed lawyers and legal professionals with access to flexible and sophisticated work supporting leading corporate law departments. With the Epiq Counsel model, you determine the types of engagements you take. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or non-traditional schedule, onsite or remote, or particular industries of interest, we ensure you are presented with the engagement opportunities that are the best fit for you.


Global reach is not just about countries and office locations. It's also about value, impact, and opportunity. At Epiq, we offer compelling value to clients around the world. We generate new services in new locations on an ongoing basis. And, through the compelling value we deliver for clients across the globe, we generate new opportunities for our people as well.

8000+ people
19 countries
13 data centers
At Epiq, our people drive our success. We’ve made it our mission to develop leaders who value and embrace each employee’s unique strengths. With our global footprint, we are proud that our employees reflect the same breadth of cultures, backgrounds and experiences as our clients. Our people make us Epiq.


Equal opportunity for every employee is not just the right thing to do, it’s critical to our success. Diverse companies are more innovative and better positioned to succeed. And, equal opportunity means that we are committed to equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity to grow and develop as a professional.



At Epiq, the opportunities for professional development and career growth come in many forms. Whether it’s our First Line Essentials Manager Development program, special initiatives and assignments, lateral moves and promotions, or access to the wealth of learning and development programs, it’s part of our mission to ensure that our diverse team has the opportunity to grow and develop as part of their experience at Epiq.



At Epiq, we believe that feeling that you are part of a team is fundamental to engagement. Through our engagement program, we seek to understand the factors that contribute to an inclusive work environment. We celebrate successes, overcome obstacles, and continually strive to be better than we were.


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With Epiq, you’ll be part of a team that delivers critical solutions to large scale, complex problems for our clients. Our work is challenging and fulfilling. Together, we make a meaningful contribution to our colleagues, clients, and industry.