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eDiscovery, Litigation
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eDiscovery and Litigation Services for Today’s Business Climate

In today’s fast-moving business environment, the exponential growth in data volumes and sources is increasing eDiscovery demands on corporate legal teams and their law firm partners. At the same time, corporate legal teams need to meet the needs of their broader organisations, including lowering costs, reducing risk, working within their IT environments, and providing holistic reporting.​

Epiq is the only Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP) that can deliver on all these fronts. When you partner with Epiq you gain access to future-proofed eDiscovery technologies and reporting via the Epiq Service Cloud, unmatched service and delivery quality, and the top minds in the field.

Get in touch with Epiq and get answers to your questions and find out how our eDiscovery service offerings can help your firm or business.

Work with the most experienced and effective legal service partner in the industry.

Highest and most-credentialed forensics associates in the industry
15TB+ Global daily processing capacity
99.98% accurate data delivery
600 million+ documents analyzed
1000+ Annual data analytics projects
1,500+ annual managed review projects
30K+ vetted attorneys
100+ eDiscovery Managed clients, far outpacing other providers

Optimise Outcomes

Our eDiscovery teams are world class individually, and even better when working together. When you partner with Epiq as your strategic provider you will enjoy increasingly more benefits as you involved more teams.

lower costs

Lower your overall costs

reduce risk

Reduce risk

Improve Efficiency

Improved efficiency for your teams

early access

Gain earlier access to key data

Better yet, you will be able to gain insights and quantify this advantage via cohesive, on demand reporting and metrics. Learn more about Epiq’s end-to-end eDiscovery services.

Sign on once 
and get to 

With Epiq’s industry leading Epiq Access, each of your team members log in once to access all their eDiscovery applications, reports, work requests, and more—with no need to remember different passwords for multiple systems. This keeps your team happy, and your IT team even happier as they implement Single Sign On and Federated Access for improved security and user access control.​

Learn more about secure access management via Epiq Access 

Manage your eDiscovery spend and identify new ways to save with Metrics that Matter​

Epiq Access' dynamic business intelligence provides insights into your eDiscovery spend and program performance.​​ Learn how clients are leveraging our Spend History Report and Metrics that Matter program to extend strategic reporting across their law department

Epiq Spend History

Document Review Metrics

TAR Metrics

Make the Right Choice with Epiq