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Smart Lockers

Smart lockers can speed up the delivery of packages by 60-70% through our digitised and contactless model.


How does it work?

  • Packages are sorted and brought to office location, then they are placed in smart lockers
  • Email sent to employee with scannable QR Code and back up PIN
  • Employee scans code and picks up package at their convenience

Where do smart lockers fit into my larger operational strategy?

Materials are complete, can be placed in smart lockers to enhance security and ensure delivery
  • Digital Mailroom:  Smart lockers can act as key step of your digital mailroom program as physical copies and packages can be placed in a smart locker
  • IT Services: Equipment deliveries and drop off can be coordinated via smart lockers
  • Supply Services: Fulfillment orders can be dropped off in smart lockers

Want to learn more about how adding smart lockers to your office can provide value? Contact us for a free consultation.

Jon Morris

Senior Vice President, Operations


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