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Business Transformation Services: Unlock global potential

Impactful organizational change doesn’t happen overnight. Let Epiq be your partner for fundamental transformation.

Organizations can be resistant to change. It is natural to be reluctant about remaking processes and systems that have worked to get a business this far.

However, a “if it’s not broken, don’t fix” attitude can be holding your business back from reaching its full potential. When your business needs to undergo a seismic transformation, Epiq has the expertise, solutions, and technologies that can help your organization navigate change and come out stronger than ever before.

Identifying when transformation is a must

Determining when your business needs to change its operations, personnel, or technologies can be difficult — especially when things appear to be running smoothly on the surface. We can help.

We help clients across private, public, and social sectors drive innovation through our carefully curated services and solutions. Learn how we can help you.


Here are a few reasons that it could be time to bring in help and spearhead a transformation:

  • Operational inefficiencies are affecting productivity and revenues. Recognizing these opportunities can be a challenge. It is important to either periodically check the effectiveness of current processes or bring in a consultant to help evaluate.
  • Your organization has found a new strategic goal that current processes are unable to meet. To deliver on your new plan, management and internal systems likely need to go through rapid and drastic changes.
  • Costs continue to rise without a clear correlation to increased revenue or growth. This may mean some of your legacy systems are impacting productivity or are simply not as cost-effective as new, alternative solutions. 
  • The customer experience is lacking, and business has become more product or service oriented. If there is an increase in customer complaints or turnover with clients, this could be a sign your business needs to transform its culture to return to a customer-focused operation.

A new market trend is forecasted, and your business needs to adapt or risks losing clients or revenue. When a shift in the market occurs seemingly overnight, it is important to be prepared for change to maintain your competitive advantage.

‘Business transformation’ is more than a buzzword – it is a commitment to fundamentally changing in order to better serve customers through more efficient processes and strategic investments.

What is Business Transformation?

Business transformation requires an organization to take a critical look at their strategy, operations, spending, and technologies to understand the goal of change. Do they want to reduce costs, regain their share of the market, or improve customer satisfaction?

No matter what the goal of a transformation may be, Epiq has identified the three drivers of organizational change:

  • Your data is indicating that there is room for optimization. Our technology-enabled service teams analyze resource utilization data, mail volume data and more to ensure you are operating in an optimal environment.
  • People at your company are the ones enacting change. We ensure their actions are aligned with the transformation efforts. With our technologies and enhanced processes implemented, they can focus their time on more important things.
  • Processes can make or break the efficiency of a business. Our global experience and tested solutions mean we know what it takes to optimize your front and back end operations.

Technology not only enables change, but it also sustains it. With Epiq, you will have the peace of mind that our technology solutions are improving your processes and helping your team be more productive.

We help clients across private, public, and social sectors drive innovation through our carefully curated services and solutions.

Jon Morris

Senior Vice President, Operations


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