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Regulatory Risk Insights

Implement a real-time, data-driven competition and white collar compliance programme that empowers your team to identify, measure, and act on organisational risk.

Deploy AI and substantive expertise to gain real-time and critical intelligence about communications that may create legal antitrust/competition or white collar liability. Streamline your overall compliance workflow utilising technology that surfaces critical alerts for manual review, minimises false positive alerts, and integrates with a discovery platform when needed. Make strategic decisions to quickly address potentially harmful situations and, when appropriate, evaluate early applications for leniency.

Increase the effectiveness of your compliance programme:


Proactively identify potential misconduct within your organisation.

scales of justice

Meet regulatory requirements with a tested, effective, adequately resourced, and fully implemented compliance programme.


Reduce costs by automating previously manual tasks using AI.

Key Features:

  • Satisfy regulatory and deferred prosecution agreements for white collar compliance. 
  • Meet the US DOJ data-driven compliance standard of a “robust, supported, and data-driven compliance solution.” 
  • Scan ongoing communications and receive real-time notifications through a direct connection to Microsoft Email and Teams. 
  • Add more data sources that require ongoing scanning using API connectors. 
  • Reduce false positive alerts by using AI in lieu of search terms. 
  • Improve the accuracy of results over time as verified positive or negative alerts continuously train your AI models. 
  • Gain insight into employee misconduct with monthly Regulatory Risk Insights™ findings report.
  • Load data into a proven eDiscovery platform in the case of continuing investigations.
  • Reduce costs by retaining only messages flagged for escalation and deleting messages deemed acceptable.
  • Build additional AI models for substantive areas beyond competition and white collar.
  • Adjust to organisational changes through AI model validation and tuning.
  • Manage data privacy by choosing from multiple hosting environments, including your own cloud or the Epiq Service Cloud; keeping data within specific geographies when needed.


Increase the effectiveness of your compliance programme with built-in AI models designed specifically for antitrust and white collar concerns, replacing search term-based workflows.
Take internal action in real-time by receiving substantive competition and white collar alerts within 60 seconds of when potential misconduct is communicated via email or other channels. 
Streamline your overall compliance workflow utilising technology that integrates with a discovery platform when needed. 

Need a one-time data analysis following an acquisition or regulatory inquiry?

Meet the six-month US Safe Harbor disclosure timeframe for acquisitions, if appliable,or quickly understand your level of risk during a regulatory inquiry with a custom Regulatory Risk Insights data investigation. Uncover communications that indicate antitrust and competition, white collar crime, corporate crime, false claims, anti-kickback, anti-bribery, and corruption concerns using data and compliance expert-developed pre-built AI models and proprietary workflows. Your Regulatory Risks report will include a summary of key documents, case themes, communication charts, identification of principal actors, and timelines.

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