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Our smart office solutions make it easier and more cost efficient to manage your space and support an agile workforce.


Our innovative workplace optimisation solutions provide valuable insight into space utilisation, facilities, and IT asset management while better accommodating the agile workforce. An agile workforce can reduce operational costs, improve employee productivity, and increase an organisation’s ability to attract and retain high-quality talent.

According to Google Workplace Analytics, forty percent more of U.S. employers offered flexible workplace options than they did five years ago. Epiq smart office technologies are prepared to help you improve these options for your employees and your organisation, so that you can focus on other important things—like outperforming your competition.

Leverage our people, technology and proven strategies to transform your office space.

Our integrated smart office and suite facilities management platform allows your organisation to effortlessly book meeting spaces, reserve desk space, and more. By tapping into our intuitive interface, users can find workspaces to suit their needs in seconds, creating an agile work environment and improving space utilisation in your physical office space.

Additionally, our technology empowers facility managers as they better oversee operations and properly allocate staff resources to expedite space preparations with our easy-to-access reporting tools. Our people are committed to building a comprehensive strategy for you that integrates with our other optional solutions such as digital mail room, smart lockers, and managed print services.

Want to learn more about how adding a hoteling strategy to your office’s operations can provide value? Contact us for a free consultation.

Jon Morris

Senior Vice President, Operations


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