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Legal Operations Optimisation Solutions. Optimising Law Department Performance. 

Law departments are under increasing pressure to serve the needs of the business and reduce costs.  Epiq has a suite of services that help in-house departments meet those near-term challenges and plan for a digital, technology-enabled future. Optimize your legal operations and ensure you have the right people, process, technology, and data insights in place.

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Legal Business Advisory

Epiq’s Legal Business Advisory Group helps to identify and manage the best combination of resources, processes, and technologies to reduce overall legal cost while minimising risk to the company and increasing value to the business. Hyperion Global Partners, a premier law department consulting firm joined Epiq in 2020 and was named the best provider in Legal operations by ALM in their 2021 LegalWeek Leaders in Tech Law Awards . Epiq legal operations experts bring unmatched expertise with a data-led approach to help top legal and global corporations benchmark, roadmap, and implement legal operations optimisation projects. 

  • Hyperion Research, an Epiq company, is the industry's leading source for Legal Solutions Market Intelligence. Hyperion Research is an independent market research organisation. The legal profession's leaders, innovators, and trend-makers have come to rely on Hyperion Research as the premier provider of independent market research, analysis, and advisory services. We provide unparalleled insight into the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology. Learn more at

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Legal Spend Management

Epiq’s Legal Spend Management team has developed multiple rapid-analysis solutions to help you find and act on cost savings opportunities.  Our solutions include: 

  • Spend Analytics – a data scientist backed analysis of your billing data to deeply assess outside counsel spending and highlight immediate cost savings.  
  • Invoice Review Services – our experts work with your department to redesign and streamline your Outside Counsel Guidelines where needed, and then use those guidelines to develop a review protocol that we use to analyse your invoices each month to ensure compliance, reduce your administrative burden and save you money. 
  • Spend Strategy Workshop- a collaborative session hosted by Epiq experts that will use a proven framework to introduce both foundational cost savings strategies and cutting-edge solutions being used by the most innovative legal departments. 


Contracts Solutions

We help clients in four distinct areas relating to commercial contracts:  

  • Review and Analysis – Epiq utilizes AI technology to review and analyse high volumes of contracts in connection with M&A transactions, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementations, regulatory change, and litigation.    
  • Contract Lifecycle Management– We help clients evaluate CLM providers and then implement and integrate the selected solution into the client’s operations.  
  • Outsourced solutions– Epiq can provide an outsourced solution for high-volume agreements when a law department decides to focus on higher value workflows. Epiq’s solutions can include both onshore and offshore resources and can leverage the client’s or our own technology. 


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