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Corporate and
Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Make your next M&A transaction and post-deal integration a success 

Take advantage of well-deployed technology and work with the experts at Epiq.

As the speed of business increases, we see more organizations seeking support that enables speed and quality. As you work through corporate and M&A transactions, Epiq can help you make optimal use of technology and expertise for fast, high-quality turnaround on large-scale, complex review projects; effective and secure large-scale migration of contract and data repositories; and increased visibility into commercial data for better insights.  

End-to-end discovery services for antitrust merger reviews, enforcement actions, private litigation and investigations​ 

By combining antitrust subject matter expertise with a sophisticated use of technology, our team can help you negotiate data and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) protocols, process data efficiently, quickly and accurately identify privileged content, and meet rigorous production requirements. We understand the data and analytics requirements of government regulators across the globe and can advise on best practices for complying with their current specifications.​ Our global bench of contract attorneys bring extensive experience working on antitrust matters. 

Learn more about our industry-leading Antitrust and Competition service here

Identify and review potentially confidential information prior to migration to the buyer during a divestiture​ 

Epiq delivers a defensible process for sellers to identify and segregate data as required per contractual and regulatory obligations for organizational divestitures, including Microsoft 365 and other on-prem data sources. 

Learn more about our Divestiture capabilities here.

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