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Document Processing

Document Processing Solutions for the Transformed World 

Let Epiq help you adapt your Document Processing operation to a more agile support solution. We offer secure, 24/7/365, follow-the-sun administrative and document processing support. These services can be onsite, offsite at one of our global resource centers, virtually, or with a hybrid solution.

Epiq document processing, administrative support, and process-driven services are viable, lower cost options that give organizations access to highly skilled specialists with expanded service hours, resulting in improved end user satisfaction and resource utilization.

Integrate an automated job submission and reporting system to maximize efficiency and provide the data you need to tailor services to meet the fluctuating needs of your organization.

Want to learn more about how outsourcing your document processing tasks to Epiq can provide value? Contact us for a free consultation.

Document or Word processing services include:

  • Create, edit and format in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio
  • Generate TOCs and TOAs
  • Convert PDF documents to Word
  • Prepare EDGAR filing
  • Proofread - redline, blackline and full reads
  • Prepare transcription
  • Support specialty practice groups

Create, edit, and format routine or complex documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio

Our Microsoft-certified experts can help you create, edit and format documents. We can help create and use animation, graphics, and images to make your PowerPoint presentation come alive. We can help format your Word documents and Visio presentations as well.

Prepare transcription

By using digital technology in our Global Resource Centers, we can send your dictation with increased efficiency so you can focus on other matters.

Proofread - redline, blackline and full reads

Proofreading is important. We can compare documents or track changes to save time and efficiency with you and your client when reviewing the documents.

Convert PDF documents to Word

Regardless of if your documents are old or new, we can convert your PDF documents to Word and format them to your specifications. Likewise, we can convert documents to PDF with many documents so we can save you time and to give you assurance that the conversion is accurate.

Generate TOCs and TOAs

We can automatically generate a table of contents, and for your litigation matters, we can generate a table of authorities which will keep your firm more efficient without using too much of your resources that are focused on these processes.

Want to learn more about how outsourcing your document processing tasks to Epiq can provide value? Contact us for a free consultation.

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