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Epiq Counsel

We are Missing You and Here’s Why

Epiq Counsel provides credentialed lawyers and legal professionals with access to flexible and sophisticated work supporting leading corporate law departments.

With the Epiq Counsel model, you determine the types of engagements you. Each engagement is unique, so the Epiq Counsel business team partners with you to understand your areas of expertise, experience, and preferences.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or non-traditional schedule, onsite or remote, or particular industries of interest, we strive to present engagement opportunities that are the best fit for you.

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Epiq Counsel Resources & Benefits Offerings 

Epiq Counsel legal professionals have access to Epiq’s resources and benefits offerings, including personal time off, paid federal holidays, health benefits, and 401k.  

Selective Hiring Process 

Our hiring process explores your areas of expertise, while evaluating commercial orientation, self-direction, and the unique ability to integrate into diverse in-house teams with limited oversight.   The selectivity of our hiring process serves as the first foundational step for engagement success.  We are highly selective, hiring less than one in 50 applicants. 

The Epiq Counsel business team includes business-minded lawyers and recruiting professionals.  We strive to understand your perspective and are energized by aiding you in the attainment of your professional goals. 

Who Should Join Epiq Counsel  

Epiq Counsel lawyers and legal professionals are self-starters with law firm training and in-house experience with leading corporate legal departments.  There are many reasons lawyers and legal professionals join Epiq Counsel, including:   

  • Greater control over the type of work and work schedule.  

  • Private practice-lawyers looking to make an in-house transition.  

  • In-house lawyers looking to diversify their practice and/or industry. 

  • Solo practitioners looking to supplement their practice.  

  • ​Lawyers who want to expand their experience into new industries or practice areas.    

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Interested in joining the Epiq Counsel team? See all openings below. 

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