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Global Investigation Services

Epiq’s best-in-class Global Investigations Practice Group provides a comprehensive discovery solution

Our dedicated team, comprised of former litigators, law enforcement officers, and experienced data/discovery professionals, understands the pressures and discovery requirements of any government investigation. We will work closely with your team to assist in assuring full and timely compliance, all with predictable pricing.

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Global Investigations are invariably
complex and high profile

The dedicated Epiq team works across all functional
areas to meet your eDiscovery needs with confidence.

Stop watch

Processing of data in accordance with regulator requirements

Beginners wanted

Early data intelligence via deployment of sophisticated analytics tools

computer books

Analysis, review and timely production of data to government authorities

Epiq can make Artificial Intelligence
work for you

Helping to understand sentiment, optimize review and protect privilege

Detect Conduct and Patterns of Behavior

Using an expansive library of AI models, Epiq helps counsel identify behaviors and patterns that give rise to potentially concerning conduct or communications.

Identify Key Documents

Epiq uses a combination of keywords, concept searches, and AI models to prioritize counsel’s review of likely interesting documents and can event help “prove a negative.”

Identify Privileged Content

New analytics and artificial intelligence tools can identify the existence of privilege through the combination of traditional and rigorous screening, model training, domain analysis, and QC.

We’ve worked hard to be the best.

Discover the top 7 reasons Epiq leads the industry in helping teams respond to challenges posted by government and internal investigations

Are you looking to proactively mitigate corporate regulatory risk?

With Epiq Regulatory Risk Insights™, a unique service that deploys cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and substantive expertise, you can gain early and critical intelligence about actions and behavior reflected in corporate data that may create legal liability.

Get answers to your questions or learn more about Epiq's Global Investigations Services.