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Energy Services

Delivering tailored legal solutions for this dynamic sector.

Epiq's team combines the deep legal knowledge and experience necessary to help companies succeed in the highly regulated and complex energy provider space. Given the numerous issues that can arise with mass tort resolution, merger and acquisition activities and compliance requirements, law departments of energy companies need to collaborate with the best minds in the legal support space.

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The flexible, experienced and committed legal services and business process transformation professionals from Epiq can deliver this type of assistance to guide companies to consistently strong business results. When you work with Epiq, you receive forward-thinking assistance  — the right people, the best processes and the latest technologies. Such a partnership enables your organization to not just survive but thrive amid challenging market conditions.

Legal Efficiency and Spend Management

Facing pressing legal obligations and dealing with relatively constrained budgets, energy-sector companies need to introduce efficiencies and cut costs. Epiq is an ideal partner to help in these efforts. Solutions such as our advanced spend analytics tool can reveal hidden costs and opportunities for new efficiencies in your legal department.

Working with Epiq's experts to provide consulting and as flexible members of the legal counsel team is another way to build greater efficiency into your operations. Epiq professionals are committed to helping clients' cases reach satisfactory outcomes, and use an accumulation of specialized industry knowledge to get results, while not straining your budget as much as building a large internal legal team would.

Regulatory and Compliance

Even when not actively engaged in litigation, energy organizations must maintain a large volume and variety of records and data to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and complex contract matters. By taking this proactive and efficient approach to compliance, you can minimize your exposure to risk.

The Epiq team has experience managing compliance information across sectors and around the world, and can deliver performance and efficiency through consulting, technology implementation or outsourced legal support.

Class Action and Mass Tort

As the largest class action settlement provider today, Epiq supports companies through every step of mass tort cases and general litigation matters. In the energy sector, these cases are especially large in scale, with organizations needing strong legal resources to prepare for the unique forms of liability they may face as service providers to so many people. Class actions against energy providers, for all their size, are relatively common, demanding advance preparation.

Even the largest and most complex case is easy to understand with the aid of the proprietary Epiq Client Portal and Mass Tort dashboard. With secure access to real-time information on the status of your case, your energy organization can move through the legal proceedings confidently. All back-office administration matters can be streamlined or handled in their entirety by Epiq's experts and technology tools.

Business Transformation Solutions

Epiq clients have access to industry-leading business transformation and efficiency solutions. Information governance and records management improvements can ensure your organization is compliant while protecting the bottom line. Energy companies seeking to engage in more comprehensive digital transformation can also work with the Epiq team on this initiative, and you can engage our remote Centers of Excellence to assist with essential processes such as call center operations.

eDiscovery and Data Reduction

The scale of legal action in the energy sector introduces additional challenges from an eDiscovery and data management perspective. Using advanced analytics to perform case assessment, data minimization and general eDiscovery will help your company thrive in any legal matter. Epiq's team already supports many Fortune 500 organizations, and is undaunted by the size or complexity of litigation.

Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Restructuring and bankruptcy matters in the energy sector are relatively common but demand specialized expertise to deliver successful outcomes. Epiq's team of industry leaders has spent years guiding clients from energy companies through bankruptcy proceedings, helping these organizations to emerge with renewed stability.

Epiq's approach combines human expertise with proprietary digital tools. Each proceeding receives a unique website, along with channels through which to file claims and organize data. Our infrastructure is secure and our sites can scale up to handle even the largest organizations' needs.

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Eric Crawley

Senior Vice President, Legal Solutions


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