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Gaining efficiencies and reducing risk by digitizing buiness of law operations. 

The legal industry is being revolutionized. The pace of change, accelerated by COVID-19 and an uncertain economy, has resulted in continuous development of innovative and technology-based tools. Yet creating a change strategy and implementing new ways of working can be a daunting challenge. This is where Epiq steps in. Empowering firms to create necessary and new efficiencies and to achieve better business of law outcomes. The digitalization of almost every process related to law, including workflow, service delivery and client engagement, is allowing firms to reallocate their time and resources to better achieve their organization’s objectives.

Our legal transformation services and solutions combine our over 30 years of industry expertise with a data-driven approach to support our clients with people, processes and technology to transform the way work gets done. With Hyperion Global Partners, a premier business and technology advisory practice we acquired in late 2020, we’ve expanded our suite of legal business solutions for both law departments and law firms. Clients now have even greater access to legal consulting experts, data and intelligence, including powerful legal business insights and analysis.  

Learn how Epiq is able to support clients in gaining efficiencies and reducing their overall spend and risk by utilizing a unique digital transformation strategy that offers a variety of services to meet your specific needs. 

Legal Consultant 

A law department’s talent requirements can fluctuate significantly, and at times require specific legal or industry expertise. Our flexible talent solution, Epiq Counsel, provides access to a bench of experienced attorneys who can support clients on an adaptable and flexible basis. 

Legal Business Advisory

Epiq’s law department consulting group helps legal teams achieve optimal business performance, converting legal departments and related functions from cost centers to business drivers. Our team and project managers will assess clients' people, processes and technologies to create a legal transformation action plan aligned with organizations' own priorities and desired outcomes. We focus attention on the areas with potential for the greatest impact, and will identify the technology and a strategy for integration that will best serve clients’ business goals. 

Legal Spend Solutions

Our expert team will identify both immediate and long-term opportunities to decrease your costs, reduce risk and help your corporate legal department better position itself for future growth. By utilizing data-driven intelligence to make business decisions, we help clients gain visibility into how they are currently spending and will provide executive teams with recommendations to accomplish the same with less. Epiq will work with clients to prioritize which opportunities to act on first, build an informed business case for leadership and establish baseline KPIs and dashboard to track your success.

Learn how Epiq is able to support clients in gaining efficiencies and reducing their overall spend

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Contracts Management

Contract work can drain a law department’s time, taking them away from higher value work. We help clients manage contracts more effectively to maximize company performance and reduce risk. Our contract solutions include process optimization, technology selection, project-based contract analysis and review and outsourced contract management. Epiq’s AI-driven contract analysis, abstraction and review will help your law departments or contracting teams address issues including M&A due diligence, major commercial litigation, real estate and lease, regulatory updates and more.

Bringing Business Intelligence to Light

The legal industry is continuously finding innovative ways to capture new efficiencies and reduce costs, as demonstrated by trends such as an increasing amount of traditional law operations going virtual and automated eDiscovery technologies becoming more common. Firms and organizations who take advantage of such tools are able to shift focus away from administrative tasks to instead improving the quality, consistency and effectiveness of their legal activities.

Epiq’s law department consulting group and our research group, Hyperion Research, can help clients transform their departments into effective business units by providing powerful insights driven by business intelligence including KPIs, metrics and legal data analysis. Acting as a trusted partner, we employ a technologically agnostic approach to identify and implement the strategies and technologies best fit to accomplish and maintain your organization's desired change.

Contact us today to learn how Epiq's extensive suite of legal transformation services can help your organization reduce risk, boost performance and save costs now and in the future. 

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