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Expanding your business with Epiq's administrative services

Partnering with Epiq can be an extension of your business that provides new opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and consolidate necessary support.

The legal industry is complex. When navigating all the seemingly small, yet highly involved details that come with litigation, such as producing and processing documents, meeting stressful deadlines, and ensuring cases are handled properly, your company may be dealing with increased pressure.

With Epiq, organizations gain access to highly recognized experts with decades of experience who can take care of the administrative tasks that weigh heavily on your team. This partnership is more than simply gaining quality services. Working with Epiq helps businesses improve organizational efficiencies and drives down costs, something that can be difficult to achieve when working with traditional law firms to outsource administrative services.

What is the value of outsourcing?

Business practices are changing. More organizations are promoting remote work opportunities, and with that comes a chance to create your own business center. Epiq helps organizations achieve their goals and follow industry trends while ensuring that administrative services continue to meet the highest quality standards. Outsourcing with Epiq means consolidation of support, improved efficiencies, and reduced costs.

Business Administrative Services provided

Administrative support provides access to highly skilled professionals who perform quality services and allow you to utilize your in-house resources to the fullest extent. 

Some of our business administrative services include:

  • Documentation management

  • Attorney time entry

  • Expense reports

  • Travel coordination

  • Managing calendars

  • Maintaining database

  • Phone support

  • Contact management

At Epiq, we understand that administrative tasks can be repetitive and time consuming. With legal assistants, you can pass along those responsibilities to someone with the time, willingness, and industry experience to complete the job. From lower-tier tasks to heavier, practice-specific services, Epiq can connect you with an administrative support member to manage your workload.

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Understanding the Epiq difference

Partnering with Epiq allows you to prioritize legal responsibilities while we handle the administrative tasks of litigation. Our highly qualified administrative staff members are equipped to provide a solution to your biggest challenges. 

Some of our key differentiators and advantages include:

  • Our flexible service delivery models: Whether you need administrative support onsite or offsite, Epiq works with your unique wants and needs. We are confident in our ability to provide remote services since we have an excellent record of providing this service for many years.

  • Our training practices: We have trainers dedicated to each facility who work onsite with staff to ensure all specifications are met. We also have professionals committed to our remote workers. Trainers share necessary information with staff assigned to the specific team so everyone remains on the same page throughout the business partnership. We continue to regroup with team members and perform quarterly assessments and more training sessions if necessary.

  • Our grasp on company culture and finite details: During the implementation stages of our partnerships, we work with clients upfront to understand the company environment, culture, and software to ensure we can provide the best possible support.

  • Our communicative efforts: We identify high-touch individuals at the firm and maintain steady communication to ensure details don’t get lost.

  • Our dedication to personal and professional development: Staff continue education on a regular basis to ensure professional growth.

  • Our effort to watch and implement market trends regularly: Attention to detail throughout the partnership is important; we bring new features into your business to improve efficiencies and keep up with the latest industry trends.

  • Our reporting efforts: Regular updates from staff help guide business decisions, like whether downsizing or increasing staff is necessary, all based on your needs and goals.

At Epiq, we understand that managing administrative tasks on top of other legal responsibilities can be difficult. For more information on our current operations and how we can benefit your organization, contact us directly today. We can talk through your pain points and land on an ideal solution that takes the stress out of administrative work.

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