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Partner with true industry experts to extend your legal team.

Pharma organization legal responsibilities are vast and expanding quickly, from managing shifting regulatory compliance requirements across global operations and risk mitigation to IP management, litigation, and more.

Extend your team with industry experts and innovative technologies to manage workload and scale quickly when needed. Our experts bring a wealth of specialized expertise in niche areas of pharma law, backed by strong technical expertise, including advanced degrees in chemistry and physics.

Epiq provides a range of advisory and tech-enabled services to help pharma legal organizations plan, execute, and manage operations, implement proactive strategies, and quickly respond to shifting priorities, reducing risks and costs to create better business outcomes.

Why Pharma Companies Partner with Epiq

Microsoft and Epiq Making More Possible

Microsoft counts on Epiq’s blend of legal and technical expertise to help clients get more from their technology.

Learn more about Epiq and Microsoft's partnership.

Let’s create efficiencies and better business outcomes together.