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Compliant Cloud Migration

Seamless and compliant transition of data from legacy technology while mitigating risks and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Organizations are migrating their data away from disparate systems and managing the data lifecycle in a centralized cloud productivity solution and dashboard. By consolidating data, organizations experience significant improvements in data integrity and reliability - reducing the risk of outdated policies or procedures being followed unknowingly.

Epiq Migration Services

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Comprehensive migration services offering solutions to ensure a legally sound and defensible transition.​

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Facilitate the migration process from many data sources, with a focus on legal and compliance aspects​

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Collaboration with customers to configure Microsoft 365 and align with legal hold, compliance requirements, and retention policies.

Stop watch

Handle specialized data in external systems as needed by scanning and applying labels, providing visibility and integration.​

Beginners wanted

Advisory on Microsoft supporting technologies: Purview eDiscovery Premium, Purview Data Lifecycle Management, Purview Communication Compliance, Purview eDiscovery​


Why use Epiq for Migration Services?

With expertise in data governance, we handle all aspects of your migration process. We address data security, eDiscovery, lifecycle management, and more. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive solution that streamlines your data management and compliance processes.

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