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AWS Partnership

AWS and Epiq
Delivering Exceptional Technology

Improve efficiency, increase security, and reduce costs with Epiq’s Amazon Web Services AI-enabled analytics and functionality across Epiq solutions.

Epiq technology, including award-winning Epiq Discovery and Epiq Service Cloud, relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver AI-enabled legal and compliance solutions.

Our longstanding partnership enables corporate legal departments and law firms to enhance legal business insights and operations with AI.


Legal organizations achieve cost savings, increase data security, and accelerate data insights with Epiq and AWS.


Transform your eDiscovery process.

Cloud-first Epiq Discovery includes advanced AWS AI-enabled tools, analytics, and features including Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Translate.

Increase efficiency by expediting data processing, filtering, and preparation for review and production with Epiq Discovery, built on AWS. Visit us on the AWS Marketplace to learn more..

AWS and Epiq: Delivering Exceptional Technology

Reduce costs while increasing data security and scalability by capturing sensitive legal data and storing it securely on AWS.

Data processing with Epiq Discovery’s AWS-based engine is two to five times faster than the competition and processes up to 4 TB daily, to expedite preparation for review and production.

Learn more about Epiq’s partnership with AWS.

Let’s create efficiencies and better business outcomes together.