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“Here at EPIQ, your trust is paramount. We are continuously evolving our security program across the entire global EPIQ ecosystem, including our employees, clients, and partners. We are always implementing new and robust security training, technology, and innovative solutions to protect data and maintain resilience in the face of ever-evolving cyber risks.”

- Alyssa Miller, Chief Information Security Officer, EPIQ

Data Security is a Top Priority

We take a multi-layered, holistic approach to the security and privacy of our own information, as well as our clients’ and partners’. Our employees embrace a culture of security through training and programming. We invest in a robust set of security controls, methodologies, and technology, and integrate them into our standard operating procedures. We implement key tenets of Zero Trust concepts, including robust Identity Access Management (IAM) and integrate with clients for improved capabilities.

Additional Security Controls:

  • Comprehensive Information Security Policies and governance program
  • Tailored and targeted new hire, on-demand, and annual security training and resources that drive a security empowered culture
  • Detailed third-party security and risk management processes
  • Network security managed 24/7/365 in partnership with a managed security service partner
  • Comprehensive endpoint security capabilities deployed across our network
  • Regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing program
  • Industry leading innovations incorporated into data and identity protections
  • Information classification, handling, and retention processes that align with industry best practices and our customers’ needs
  • Integration of security incident response and threat intelligence processes
  • Partnership with third-party organizations, such as Bitsight, provide our clients with visibility into our security posture
  • A wholistic identity and access management (IAM) program 

Our Experts

Our people play a vital role in protecting our entire ecosystem. Epiq has a dedicated information security team that comprises highly trained, experienced, and internationally recognized security leaders and practitioners. Our team stays on top of important security issues and continually improves our robust security infrastructure based on an ever-changing threat landscape.

EPIQ Certifications

Our security policies and processes are independently reviewed and assessed. We maintain industry-leading compliance and security programs which are assessed by third parties. We hold several industry certifications including:

In addition to retaining these certifications, we are aligned to HIPAA, NIST, and FISMA frameworks.

We proactively incorporate local, national, and international privacy regulations into our programs. To support our business and staff, Epiq has a dedicated risk and compliance team to facilitate, maintain and monitor compliance with global privacy obligations and practices.

Physical Security

We defend our world-class Tier 3+ data centers in 10 locations worldwide with multi-layered, physical access security including:

  • Formal badging and access review processes
  • CCTV and Alarms
  • Biometric access management devices
  • 24/7 security personnel that monitor our facilities.
  • Environmental controls including UPS, fire detection and suppression controls, flood protection, and cooling systems