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Epiq Chat Connector

Overcome eDiscovery Challenges When Utilizing Collaboration Tools

The Epiq Chat Connector streamlines compliance and eDiscovery functions for data managed within Microsoft and Mobile Devices.

more remote workers
collaboration platforms
novel communication functions
exponential growth

How Does It Work?

Epiq’s Chat Connector provides legal teams the context and format they need to assess Microsoft Teams and mobile device data for potentially relevant and privileged content.

analyze costs

Message thread group

Design migration workflows

Advanced filtering

Migrate existing legal holds

standard outputs to PDF

analyze costs

Message edit and deletion identification

Design migration workflows

Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF) Output Support

Migrate existing legal holds

Customized time segmentation options


Modern attachment collection


Collection of meeting records

customized time

Customized time​ segmentation options

mobile device

Mobile device support for Cellebrite​


How We Deliver

The Chat Connector has flexible deployment options including:

The extent of migration
implementation strategy
implementation strategy

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